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Concept: Using Articles


In grammar, the three words like ‘a’, ‘an’, & ‘the’ are called articles. These words are placed before a noun.Articles identify whether a noun is definite (particular) or indefinite (general). For this purpose,articles are divided into two types.

  1. The Indefinite articles
  2. The words ‘a’ and‘an’are called indefinite articles. They do not refer to any specific person,place, or thing. We use ‘a’and ‘an’ before singular nouns.
    For example, a cat, a fan, a jug, a kite, a swan, a tiger, a van, etc.
    ‘An’ is used before a word with a vowel letter. For instance, an apple, an umbrella, an ox, an elephant, etc.


  3. Definite Article
  4. The definite article ‘the’is used to show a specific person, place,thing or quality.

    1. ‘The’ is used before unique objects.
    2. Examples:

      1. The moon shines bright.
      2. Will you pass me the book?
    3. ‘The’ is also used before the names of mountains, rivers, deserts, etc.
    4. Examples:

      1. The Sahara Desert is the biggest desert.
      2. When there is a flood in the Ganges, it causes significant damage.
    5. ‘The’is used before numerals like first, second, third.
    6. Examples:

      1. The last benchers make a lot of noise.
      2. He was the firstin the queue.
    7. ‘The’ is used with the superlative form of adjectives.
    8. Examples:

      1. They are the richest in town.
      2. This is the best dress ever.

Common Mistakes

  1. Identifying a Profession
  2. In addition to identifying an unspecific noun, we also use the indefinite article a/an to talk about someone’s profession.


    1. Are you teacher?
    2. Are you a teacher?
  3. Uncountable Nouns
  4. In addition to plural nouns, the indefinite articles a/an cannot be used with uncountable nouns. They cannot be counted individually.


    1. Would you like a coffee?
    2. Would you like coffee?
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