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Adjective of Quality & Number for Class 5 English

This concept will assist students on adjectives and its types: adjective of quality and number. Students will also study the difference between adjective of number and quality. There are many adjective of quality examples with definition mentioned in the concept.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • To identify adjectives of quality and number.
  • To complete sentences using adjectives.
  • Types of adjectives of number with examples.

Every concept is taught to class 5 English students with the help of examples, illustrations, and concept maps. Once you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable adjective of quality and number worksheets given at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept adjective of number and quality provided in PDF format.

Adjective Definition:

Adjectives are those words that describe nouns or pronouns. It gives more information about


  1. Sneha is a kind person.
  2. Nihal bought two mangoes from the market.

Types of Adjectives

There are different types of adjectives like adjective of quality,
adjective of number, emphasizing adjective and many more. We will focus on only two types of adjectives.

Types of adjective

Adjective of Numbers

Adjectives of numbers are those that give information about the number of nouns or pronouns mentioned in the sentence.


Adjective of number examples

Adjective of number is further classified into three types.

Adjective of number types

A) Definitie Adjective

The definite adjectives denote a specific number that shows the noun’s position in the sentence. These adjectives are numerals like one, two, fifteen, etc.


  1. There are ten students in the class.
  2. I got two gifts on my birthday.

Indefinite Adjective

This adjective denotes more than one number of nouns without clearly mentioning the exact number.


  1. There are several hospitals in the city.
  2. I have many friends in the class.

Distributive adjective

A distributive adjective is an adjective that refers to members of a group individually.


  1. She is a beautiful girl.
  2. He is an intelligent person.
Adjective of quality example


Indefinite adjectives are followed by a countable noun, whereas adjectives of quantity are followed by an uncountable noun.


  1. She has got some tickets for the show.
  2. I need some sugar.

In the first example, ‘some’ is used for the word ‘tickets’, which is a countable noun.
In the second example, ‘some’ is used for the word ‘sugar’, which is an uncountable noun.

Types of adjectives chart
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