Cinquain Poems: How to Write It - Examples and Formats
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Writing a Poem

Cinquain Poem for Class 5 English

Students will learn cinquain poem examples and images. They will also study about the feature and pattern of a cinquain poem. There are some exceptions to the rules of cinquain.

In this learning concept, the students will learn:

  • To create cinquain poems
  • To complete cinquain poems that has a missing sentence.

Every concept for class 5 English students have been covered using examples, illustrations, and concept maps. Once you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable worksheets given at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept Cinquain Poem provided in PDF format.

What is a Cinquain Poem?

Cinquain poem was invented by Adelaide Crapsey, an American poet. It is a short poem that contains the following :

  • Written in five lines.
  • Contains twenty-two syllables distributed in five lines as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2.

Features of a Cinquain Poem:

  • It portrays vivid images and conveys a picture of what it describes. It has its appeal due to its simplicity.
  • When you look at the poem, it resembles the shape of a diamond.

The Pattern of a Cinquain Poem:

Cinquain does not follow grammar in the strict sense. However, you can follow the trick given below to remember the pattern quickly:

The first line: Noun

The second line: Description of Noun (Adjectives)

The third line: Action (-ing verbs)

The fourth line: Feeling or Effect (a four-word phrase)

The fifth line: Synonym of the initial noun in line 1

In the Cinquain poem, the syllable is written in the following manner:

  • The first line consists of one word
  • Second line usually has two words
  • Third line has three words
  • Usually the fourtn line has four words.
  • Fifth line has one word.
  • (Each word has two syllables)


Cinquain Poem Example
  • 1st line there are two syllables
  • 2nd line there are four syllables
  • 3rd line there are six syllables

How to Write a Cinquain Poem?

Follow the steps below to write a Cinquain poem.

  • First, think about an idea. Decide on the topic of the poem.
  • Think about the qualities of the topic you decided.
  • Title your poem with the name of the topic.
  • Write down the words in the sequence shown and keep the syllable count in mind.



Fluffy, white

Moving, gliding, swaying

Looks like cotton


Cinquain example


Cinquain poems have various rhythms. They don't always have to rhyme. However, you can add rhyming words by using the word that rhymes with the last word of the previous line. The words ‘June’ and ‘monsoon’ rhyme. i



Wet, puddles

Dropping, drizzling, shivering

Thunders during monsoon


Cinquain Chart
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