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Comprehending the Text

Fact & Opinion


  • Fact is something that is already established and can be proved if needed with the help of evidence from the text.
  • On the other hand, opinion is something that is one person’s own belief, feeling or experience about something.

Examples :


About Camera

The new camera comes with a 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor. It can take stunning images even in low light. There is an optical zoom of 32x and a manual mode that allows one to adjust aperture, ISO and shutter speed according to the type of photography one chooses. It comes with an in-built side-mounted flash that pops up when the lighting is not enough or you can manually choose to use the flash mode. It is much advanced and better than any camera within this price range.
In the above passage, let us find out which sentences are facts and which are opinions.

Difference between Fact and Opinion

A) Facts rely on observation or research and generally involve the use of empirical data and information. In many cases, facts also involve our physical senses, like hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, or tasting.
B) Opinions are based on assumptions that cannot be proven and reflect somebody's views, beliefs, personal perspectives, or values.

No. Fact Opinion
1. Can be verified Can not be verified
2. Based on research Based on personal view
3. Verification possible Verification not possible
4. Can not be questionable Can be questionable

Signal Words

There are certain signal words which helps to differentiate between facts and opinion. Let’s take a look at some of the opinion signal words.

Opinion Signal Words

Really Good
Best Might

Fact Signal Words

Verified Discovered
Numbers Proven

Common Mistake

Don’t get confused between fact or opinion. They might appear to be similar at times.

Examples :

a)There was heavy rainfall today.
b) I think there will be a heavy rainfall today.

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