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Reading Comprehension

Concept: Identify Location and Timeline


In many passages the location or the spot where the scene is happening or the story is taking place may not be clearly mentioned.

How to find out the location?

  • Location is determined with the help of several clues.
  • Sometimes a place is mentioned with respect to distance from another place.
  • Sometimes the place is shown in terms of direction north, south, east, or west from a specific area that might be familiar already to the reader.
  • So, in the above example, a lot of clues are available to understand the location of the school with respect to the village and even the route to their home has been described.



“Ravi and Sushil were two brothers who lived in the same village. They used to walk their way from home to school. Their school was two miles from their home. It was just in the middle of the village and in order to reach there they need to cross a long meadow and a big market at the end of the meadow. They both used to enjoy walking this stretch from their school to home.”



  • A timeline gives an idea of understanding the sequence of the events in a story.
  • Once the sequence is understood, it becomes clear what happened in the beginning and what at the end.
  • It helps in understanding the chronology of the events.
  • It helps us to keep a reference to the important incidents that are connected to the story.
  • It helps to make the story coherent or link the main events to the plot of the story.
  • It is most useful for topics that are connected to scientific discoveries and historical events.



The revolt of 1857 is a big step toward overthrowing the Company rule in India. In 1885 Indian National Congress was formed. In 1905 Bengal was partitioned by Lord Curzon. Later in 1919, Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place. A few years later, in 1942 Quit India movement took place. In 1947 India achieved independence.

How to find out the timeline of events?

  • You will get come across many clues to determine the timeline of the event.
  • Look at the dates, days, months, and years. This will help you to understand what happened in the beginning and what happened in the end.

In the above example, the dates/years help us to arrange the story chronologically and get a clear idea of how things happened and changed the course of history in India.

Common Mistake

  • Don’t hurry up while reading the details. Read them carefully.
  • To understand location details, you must go through the text carefully, or else your inference could turn out to be incorrect.
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