Homophones & Homonyms | English Grade 5 Learning Concept
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Homonyms and Homophones

Make Homophones and Homonyms

What are Homonyms and Homophones?

The words homophones and homonyms originate from Greek. The prefix Homo- means same and they both describe a relationship between two or more words but their meaning varies as ‘nym’ means ‘name’ and ‘phone’ means ‘sound’ .is a word or phrase that has the same meaning as another word in the same language. ‘Syno’ means same, and ‘nym’ means name. If the meaning is not the same, the words have a very similar meaning in context.

A homophone is a word pair that has the same sound.

A homonym is a word pair that has the same sound and same spelling.


Nature-1 Nature-1
Ate eight


Nature-1 Nature-1
Sink Sink


  1. Waste; Waist
    • Don’t waste the paper. (Using something in a careless way)
    • Tie the rope around your waist. (The narrowest part around the middle of your body)
  2. Two; Too
    • She does it too!(More than is needed or wanted.)
    • Its two’o clock. (Mentioning time)

List Of Homophones

Pair of Homophones
Eye I
flew flu
Buy Bye
Cell Sell
Hear Here
one won

What is the Difference between Homophone and Homonyms?

  • A homonym is a word that is the same as another in sound and /or spelling but different in meaning. One of the most common examples in homonyms is the word ‘bat’. Whereas a homophone has same sound but a different spelling. For instance, plane ( flying vehicle) & plain ( not fancy)
  • bat means a playing equipment and it’s also a name of animal.
  • Nature-1


  1. I never wear a watch when I watch TV.
  2. The actors in the play will play chess.
  3. Raise your righthand if you have the right answer.



Homophones and homonyms can easily be confusing as they have similarities. You should learn about the similar sounding words so you can use the correct word in the given situation. In the example below, Rahul made the misunderstood granny’s spectacles for glasses of water.

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