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Writing a Poem

6 Line Poem in English for Class 5

Five senses poem is also called 6 line poem in English. It uses similes too. A five senses poem describing the topic through the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste.

In this learning concept, students will learn:

  • Definition of 6 line poem in English.
  • How to use the five senses in your writing?
  • How to write a five senses poem?
  • Senses poem examples
  • Features of the senses poem.

All the learning concepts covered for Class 5 have illustrations, mind maps, and examples. Students can check their understanding by solving the two printable PDF worksheets. The solutions to these exercises are also available in PDF format.


  • A five-senses poem includes a very simple form of choosing a topic or subject and explaining it through our senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.
  • Five senses poems use our sense organs to investigate a subject. The focus of the poem is on using similes.
Five senses

Characteristics of the Senses Poem:

  • This poem comprises of six lines. The lines are not in rhyme.
  • It is characterized by the use of similes, where the subject is compared with different things through the use of words ‘like’ or ‘as’.

How to Use the Five Senses in Your Writing?

Use of Five senses in writing

Before you start writing a five-senses poem, decide the words you will use to describe your topic using the five senses. You can describe your topic or subject by using each of the five senses if required.
For instance, describing a chocolate cake using all my five senses.

  • Taste: Soft, moist, creamy, buttery, sweet, melt in your mouth, a chocolatey flavour from cocoa powder.
  • Touch: Smooth, silky, tender, soft.
  • Sight: mounds, white as snow (vanilla), little crevices and puddles (when it melts)
  • Smell: Slightly sweet, cocoa smell,
  • Hearing: plop, splat (when it falls on the floor)

How to Write a Five Senses Poem?

Now that you've done some brainstorming, you can write a poem by adding the descriptions you felt using your five senses.
As has been discussed before, a five-sense poem is comprised of six lines. Out of the six lines, each line goes like this discussed below.

  1. In the first line, the subject can be compared with a colour, an idea, or an emotion.
  2. In the second line, describe its taste.
  3. In the third line, describe how it sounds
  4. In the fourth line, describe how it smells
  5. In the fifth line, describe how it looks
  6. In the sixth line, describe how it feels.


by Miss Larson
Hawaii is blue,
It tastes like shaved ice,
It sounds like waves crashing on the beach,
It smells like plumeria flowers,
It looks like my dream home,
It makes me feel happy.

So having studied so far, let us once have a look at the chief features of the ‘senses poem’.It consists of six lines.
A lot of similes are used for comparison. For instance, “ tastes like shaved ice”, “smells like plumeria flowers” etc.
There is no need for rhyme to write a five senses poem.
The first line compares the subject with emotion, color, or mood.
The next five lines compare the traits of the subject with different senses.
The topic is usually a one-word topic and an animal name is not chosen in this regard.


Sometimes the opening line is dropped and it directly starts with the senses. Then the poem becomes a five-line ‘senses poem’ instead of a six-line one.
We don’t have to use all five senses to write a poem. We only apply those that best convey the message.

Mindmap for use of five senses in writing
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