What are Abstract Nouns? Examples and Types | Grade 5 | English
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Nouns Recap and Abstract Nouns for Class 5 English

In this concept, students will be able to revise the concept of nouns and various types of nouns. They can also study abstract nouns in details along with examples and pictures. Abstract nouns dicusses the emotions, ideas, or conditions of something.

In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • To pick out the common noun and proper nouns from sentences.
  • To complete sentences by adding collective and abstract nouns.

The students of class 5 English will learn all the concepts along with examples, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable Noun reap and abstract noun worksheets given at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept nouns recap and abstract nouns provided in PDF format.

Types of Nouns with Definition

There are about three types of nouns which are proper, common and collective nouns. Let us take a look at the meaning of all these nouns.

  1. Proper nouns are names of places, things or animals. It is not used for something in general but those which are specific for a particular person, animal or thing.
  2. Examples:

    1. Germany is a country that is part of Europe.
    2. Ratan is an intelligent boy.
  3. Common nounsare names of a particular class or group of people, things or animals. Common nouns are common names given to people, places and things.
  4. Examples:

    1. There are many boys and girls in my class.
    2. My parents got a new chair for my room.
  5. Collective nouns are nouns that signify some person, animal or thing in groups.


    1. There is a crowd at the wedding.
    2. The bundle of sticks is tied up with a ribbon.
    3. Now let us learn about the fourth type of noun, which is the abstract noun.

Abstract Nouns

Abstract Nouns Definition:

Abstract nouns are ideas that refer to quality. They cannot be felt like physical objects.


  1. The beauty of her actions will live longer than her beautiful face.
  2. One should always control their anger, for anger destroys everything

In the example given above, ‘beauty’ and ‘anger’ are not things that can be touched, but these words are ideas of what makes a beautiful person & what does anger do to people.
Abstract nouns can be better understood once you look at the categories, it is divided into. The various type or classifications of abstract nouns are as follows:

Abstract noun examples
  1. Emotion
  2. Abstract nouns can indicate some kind of emotion.


    Happiness cannot be bought by money.

  3. Idea
  4. Abstract nouns often show some idea.


    Knowledge is the biggest power of an individual.

  5. State
  6. By state, it means the condition at which something or someone at a particular point in time.


    Freedom is our birthright.

  7. Action
  8. Nouns that describe an action, such types of abstract nouns originate from verbs like laughter describe the action ‘to laugh’.


    Laughter is the best medicine.

  9. Event
  10. These abstract nouns denote an occurrence of an event or incident.


    My birthday is on the 7th of February.


  1. Abstract nouns are often confused with adjectives since both have some similarities while stating qualities or state/conditions.
  2. Examples:

    1. There was sadness in her voice.
    2. She had a sad voice.

    In the first sentence, the word ‘sadness’ speaks about sad emotion. It might be confused with an adjective, but it is an abstract noun. However, in the second sentence, the word ‘sad’ is an adjective as it describes the noun ‘voice’.

  3. Some abstract nouns may be confused with verbs since they both, in a certain way, denote action in some cases.


  1. Do not laugh. This is not funny.
  2. Your laughter can offend others.

Here in the first sentence, ‘laugh’ is a verb but in the second sentence, ‘laughter’ is an abstract noun.

Noun recap and abstract nouns chart
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