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Positive and Negative Contractions for Class 5 English

In this concept, the students will learn about positive and negative contractions. There are some examples and definitions of contractions and their types. Also, learn how to use contractions for wh question words.
In this learning concept, the students will learn the following:

  • To identify positive and negative contractions in English grammar.
  • To change positive contraction to negative by adding an apostrophe.

The students of class 5 English will learn all the concepts along with examples, illustrations, and concept maps. After you go through a concept, assess your learning by solving the two printable contraction worksheets at the end of the page.

Download the worksheets and check your answers with the worksheet solutions for the concept of positive and negative contraction provided in PDF format.


  • Contractions are the shorter form of words or group of letters that are usually formed by the omission of certain letters of the following word.
  • The word ‘contract’ refers ‘to decrease in size’.
  • In contraction, an apostrophe is used to show the letters that has been taken out from the word.
  • Generally, we come across contractions that is followed by an auxiliary.


  1. Contraction examples
  2. Contraction examples

Contractions for ‘Wh’ Question Words

We will often come across contractions that are formed by combining ‘wh’ words with auxiliaries.


  1. Contraction for Wh words examples
  2. Contraction for Wh words examples

Likewise, this can also apply with how, who, what.

Positive and Negative Contractions

  • A negative contraction is a negative verb construction that ends in -'nt.
  • Examples:

    1. Negative Contraction examples
    2. Negative Contraction examples
  • A positive contraction is a verb construction that doesn’t include the ‘nt’ or ‘not’.
  • Examples:

    1. positive contraction examples
    2. positive contraction examples

Why are Contractions Used?

  • Contractions reduces a part of the word so that it saves space in writing and time while speaking.
  • Hence, they make the speech sound lighter in nature.
  • Another reason for using contractions is its usage while framing question tags.

Common Mistakes

  • Avoid using contractions in academic and formal writing. Instead, try to write their full form in such places.
  • Do not confuse between the words it’s and its. Many people find this tricky. Remember, ‘it’s’ is the contraction form of ‘it is’ and ‘its’ is a possessive pronoun.

Incorrect and Correct Usage:

Incorrect and Correct Usage
Chart for Positive and Negative Contractions
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