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Concept: Pronoun-Verb Contractions


  • Contractions are words that have been shortened by reducing one or more letters. A contraction is made with two long words that are combined to make one shorter word.
  • Contractions include a special mark called an apostrophe (’). The apostrophe (’) shows where one or more letters have been taken out.



The words ‘I’ and ‘am’ are made into a contraction by omitting the letter ‘a’ and replacing it with an apostrophe (’). “ I’m” has become a contraction.

What is a Pronoun-Verb Contraction?

A contraction can combine a pronoun and a verb together. It is called a pronoun-verb contraction.


Original Long Form Contracted Short Form
I am I'm
It is/It has It's
She is / She has She's
He is / He has He's
You are You’re
They are They’re
We are We’re
I have I've
You have You've
We have We've
They have They've
I will I'll
It will It'll
She will She'll
He will He'll
We will We'll
They will They'll
I would I'd
He would He'd
She would She'd
They would They'd

Let’s look at a few sentences where we will use pronoun-verb contractions.

  1. Nature-1
  2. We combined the pronoun ‘she’ and the verb ‘is’ to form the contraction, “she’s”. We omit the letter ‘i’ and add an apostrophe (’) in its place.

  3. Nature-1

    They've(They have) won the game

The word ‘they’ is a pronoun, and ‘have’ is a verb. We have shortened the words ‘they have’ by dropping two letters ‘h’ and ‘a’ and added an apostrophe (’) to show the letters removed from the word.

When to Use Contraction?

  • A contraction is an informal way used in our everyday speech. Instead of saying “He will come to my house”, we shorten it to “He’ll come to my house”.
  • These shortcuts can be used in informal writing when we want our writing to be more casual and less formal.

Common Mistakes:

Don’t mistake between your and you’re. Your is not a contraction, whereas you’re is a contraction.

  1. ‘Your’ is used to show possession. It comes after a noun owned by you.
  2. Examples:

    1. Your handwriting is beautiful.

    2. Your mother is cooking for us today.

  3. The word You’re is a contraction of the pronoun ‘you’ and the verb ‘are’.,
  4. Examples:

    1. You’re a great magician.

    2. You’re a very good student.

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