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Types of Sentences

Concept: Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences

Learn about Types of Sentences

Sentences can be of various lengths and complexity. To study sentences further, it is always best to learn about the type of sentences. Each type of sentence has its own characteristics.

A) Simple Sentence

  • A simple sentence is comprised of a subject, a verb and an object. It conveys a complete thought.
  • A simple sentence can also be termed as an independent sentence since it can convey complete meaning on its own without depending on other sentences.
  • It is the most basic type of sentence based on which other types of sentences are usually designed.
  • In the elementary stage, we use a lot of simple sentences during the learning phase.


He is attending the party right now.

The above sentence consists of one subject ‘He’ and one verb ‘is’ and it can convey a complete thought on its own.

B) Compound Sentence

  • When two or more sentences are joined by conjunction then we get a compound sentence.
  • The conjunctions used to join sentences in this case are known as coordinating conjunctions.
  • The independent sentences can exist on their own as they are simple sentences. Additionally, they are joined into a compound sentence to make a different sense like sometimes to show continuity or sometimes to contrast.
  • The conjunctions that are used to join the independent sentences are for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so. Usually, a comma is added just before the conjunction.


coordinating conjunction

The two independent sentences are ‘I can help you’ and ‘you have to wait’ joined by the coordinating conjunction ‘but’.

C) Complex Sentences:

a) A complex sentence is a sentence formed by joining acompletesentencewith an independent sentence. This dependent sentence depends on the complete sentence for more information.

b) Sometimes the dependent sentence can be added after the complete sentence rather than at the beginning of the sentence.


subordinating conjunction

The dependent sentence ‘when I was returning from school yesterday’ is connected with the independent sentence ‘I saw a new restaurant’ with the help of a subordinating conjunction ‘when’.

The first part of the sentence cannot express a meaning on its own without the second part.

Common Structure of Sentences

Common Structure of Sentences

Common Error

Sometimes there are too many phrases orsentences placed in a sentence which leads to confusion. Usually this happens when too many incomplete sentences or conjunctions are used together in sentence.


  • Many years later, as Colonel Alvaris Buendia faced the firing squad courageously.
  • Many years later, as whenColonel AlvarisBuendia faced the firing squad was to remember that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.
Mind map for simple,compound, complex sentences
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