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Descriptive Writing Skills

Writing a Biography in English for Class 5

Writing a biography helps to understand the changes in your own life and the experiences that have moulded you as a person. A biography helps us to understand the struggles of other people and their achievements. A biography involves all the details of a person by others. Students will know how to write a biography about someone and common mistakes that should be avoided while doing so

In this learning concept, students will learn:

  • To write a biography from scratch.
  • What is meant by biography?
  • Features of biography with definition and examples.
  • Points to follow while writing a biography.
  • How to write a biography?

Every grammar concept covered in the website has illustrations, examples and fun diagrams or flow chadts for effective student understanding. After students learn how to write a biography, they can also access the two free biography worksheets pdf given at the end of the page to evaluate their understanding. These worksheets are available with their solutions in PDF format.


  • A biography entails the life and achievements of someone.
  • It should have all relevant information about the person, like his/her name, residence, educational background, profession, activities, lifestyle, and other significant details.
  • We can get to know the person’s physical attributes and about his work, and habits.
  • It is always written by somebody who knows the person or researched/studied him in detail or takes into account the most relevant information about him.
  • It also includes several statistical facts and certain areas of the life of the person.


With the help of the given clues, write a bio sketch on Rabindranath Tagore in not more than 80-100 words:

biography example for students
biography example for students

Important Points to Remember While Writing a Biography

 Steps to follow while writing a biography

How to Write a Biography?

In order to write a good biography, there are a few points that you'll need to include about the person you are writing. Below are those points:

 biography format for students

Common Mistakes

  • Do not be in hurry while researching about the person. Research well before you start writing the biography. If you don’t do that you might end up giving wrong information.
  • Always use the third person. Don’t use the first or second-person pronouns while writing a biography.


He could not continue his studies in law.
You could not continue his studies in law.

Mindmap for writing a biography
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