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Montessori Schools in Hyderabad

Orchids The International School is a role model for teaching methodology from Pre nursery to senior secondary level of education. Our school has a special mention among montessori schools in Hyderabad for the interactive and enthusiastic learning environment we produce for kids through our exemplary pedagogy. It is a safe and secure environment where young blossoms, enjoy their stay at school and learn things out of inquisitiveness and curiosity.

We follow Montessori Method as one of the aspects of our pre nursery curriculum and motivate young minds towards positive learning attitudes. Being one of the top ranking montessori schools in Hyderabad, our success lies in introducing a curriculum mixed with fun and student centered activities to suit Indian student community and those who belong to international communities.

Lots of practical exposures are offered to kids through our field trips, outdoor games and as such students are encouraged to develop their motor skills, concentration and focus. There is room in our curriculum for improving the comprehension and numerical skills of the young learners through simple exercises. In short, it is fun learning with the development of basic skills that has made our school shine at its best in pre nursery and nursery teaching methodology.

It is actually the pre nursery or nursery stage of learning that sets the path right for higher learning prospects. Orchids The International School takes note of this fact and adds importance in its pedagogy for the blossoming and growing of all basic learning skills in the kids so that we could prove to the world how we could produce stars who would rock in their performances at global level in the future.

Montessori schools in Hyderabad are keen on bringing the young talents to limelight and thus producing a good number of creative individuals for the world. Orchids The International School has its special place in this scenario with its unique teaching style and all comprehensive infrastructure.