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Best Cbse Schools In Grant Road 2021-22 - Orchids The International School

At Orchids the Internationals School, we put our students first. We are in the critical position to shape a generation of brilliant minds at the pinnacle of their learning ability. Located in Chikhalwadi, our school is considered to be one of the most sought-after International schools in Grant Road. Straying from the traditional path of rote memorization techniques, we try to lay a strong foundation of the core subjects while planning lessons that are engaging with subject-specific kits. 

Balance is vital in every aspect of life; hence we aim to create a healthy balance between academic training and extracurricular activities. This facilitates the student’s overall development, which in turn has led us to be one of the top international schools in the area. 

Orchids The International School towers over its competition because of its curriculum that is specially created by in-house experts. The curriculum stresses on blending classroom learning with real-time world experience. Our hands-on approach to learning with the help of visual aids and subject-specific kits makes our school stand out from other CBSE schools. Familiarising our kids with advanced technology, including robotics, has helped us earn the title of a top CBSE school in the area. 

Intending to polish a child’s innate talent, we encourage them to participate in activities like Dance, Music, Theatre, and sports, which in turn helps boost confidence. Our campus is equipped with world-class infrastructure and an environment that is conducive to efficient learning, thus making us the go-to institute for anyone looking for an International school near Grant Road.


ORCHIDS The International School's music classroom

Music Rooms

Where imaginations are tuned

 swimming pool

Swimming pool

Where coordination is mastered

smart class

Smart classes

Where learning is par excellence

ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

Computer lab

Where language is digital

ORCHIDS The International School's library


Where wisdom is treasured

ORCHIDS The International School's Science Lab

Science lab

Where innovations get ignited

ORCHIDS The International School's Robotics lab

Robotics lab

Where future begins

ORCHIDS The International School's playground


Where life happens