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Welcome to Orchids The International School, Malad West

Orchids The International School, located on Marve Road, opposite the HDFC Bank, has been at the forefront for academic success for several years. Regarded as one of the best CBSE schools in Malad West, Orchids has created a name for itself, due to its unique curriculum, tailor-made for the wholesome development of children.

Orchids, one of the best schools in Malad, has created a distinctive teaching approach by fusing Indian and Western methodologies, while also adhering to the CBSE curriculum. By doing so, Orchids has cemented its place not only among the top CBSE schools in Malad but also among the top International Schools in Malad West.

In order to promote the holistic development of children, Orchids uses a variety of kits, such as decodable books for sounds and Phonetics (Sound Crackers), and we have integrated cutting-edge topics like robotics into our curriculum. Also, our internal Central Academic and Research Team (CART), which focuses on enhancing and nurturing children's inherent potential, thoroughly created our curriculum.

As one of the top-ranked schools in Malad, we take it upon ourselves to maintain a strict security setup and CCTV cameras installed for our students because we understand your concerns concerning safety issues.

We are the best CBSE schools near Malad in Malvani, Jankalyan Nagar, and Chincholi Bunder to visit. Orchids the International School, Malad campus, offers an environment that is safe, secure and is designed to provide students with the creative freedom they seek. Our other nearby Orchids branch is located at Borivali (CBSE) A perfect school near Malad.

Orchids is not just another CBSE or ICSE school in india. It is your child's second home.
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ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

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ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

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Fee Structure for malad west 2023-24

Fees Structure for New Admission-Ist Shift
Grade Admission Fee Installment 1 Installment 2 Installment 3 Net Academic Fee
Nursery 10000 44000 44000 22000 110000
LKG 10000 44000 44000 22000 110000
UKG 10000 44000 44000 22000 110000
Grade I 11000 44200 44200 22100 110500
Grade II 11000 46400 46400 23200 116000
Grade III 11000 49200 49200 24600 123000
Grade IV 11000 51200 51200 25600 128000
Grade V 16000 53600 53600 26800 134000
Grade VI 16000 59200 59200 29600 148000
Grade VII 16000 62000 62000 31000 155000
Grade VIII 16000 66000 66000 33000 165000
Grade IX 16000 72000 72000 36000 180000
Grade X 16000 74400 74400 37200 186000
Fees Structure for New Admission-IInd Shift
Nursery 10000 40000 40000 20000 100000
LKG 10000 40000 40000 20000 100000
UKG 10000 40000 40000 20000 100000