“Don’t Wait for the Opportunity. Create It.”Entrepreneurship is something that we all are born with, but very few are able to make use of this gift.  Orchids-The International School, Pallagully took a step towards making sure that the students of Grade 8, 9 and 10 utilise this gift to the fullest.


EnLearning, an organisation that takes a lot of efforts to teach or rather nourish the entrepreneurial mind of a student, conducted several workshops at OISP. The workshops were held every Saturday and Sunday with three different batches of 30 students. It stretched over five weekends and the duration of each session was three hours. Our young entrepreneurs learnt to create a business of chocolates through these funfilled and knowledgeable workshops. They learnt multiple intellectual terms and theories used in the world of entrepreneurs.


The workshops also taught them how to make mouth-watering yet nutritious chocolates.  Students learnt to make about six different types of chocolates.As per the students’ feedback, they weredelectable and intellectual sessions. To make learning easier, they also played innumerable games which helped them to understand the concepts better. The students who participated in the workshop came up with outstanding ideas that left the jury in awe. The CEO of EnLearning, Sushil Mungekar, supported every student immeasurably.


The centre level semi-finals was held on 16thDecember, 2017 where over 41 teams participated but only 12 teams could make it to the finals. The jury was extremely confused while making their final selections as each team had presented icebreaking ideas.  Three teams that got selected from our school were Choco Bunkers, Amigos and The Futurists.


The grand finale was held on 7thJanuary, 2018 at Mysore Association Hall, Matunga. All the finalists presented their projects in a systematic and organised manner at a formal presentation.  The 1st prize, the prize money of ₹1,50,000 was awarded to team ‘Choco Bunkers’ who belongedto OISP. Tanuj Gangrade, a grade 9 student was awarded the title of ‘Best Entrepreneur for the Year’ for his consistent best performance and presentations throughout the workshop.


Congratulations to all the participants of the workshop and the victorious students, who have not only showcased their entrepreneurial skills but have also made the school extremely proud through this endeavour.



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