Orchids-The International School, Pallagully is proud to announce that Tanuj Gangrade from Grade X was selected as a STAR CORRESPONDENT for the NIE Times for the year 2018-2019.

The process started with a ‘written test’and out of1000 students, 60 students were selected for the ‘interview round’.  On Friday, during the ‘final round’ of the selection process of the ‘NIE Star Correspondents’ for the current academic year 2018-2019, 60 top schools were among those that were invited. The top scorer from each school was selected. This was followed by an‘interview process’ whereinjournalists from The Times of India interviewed the chosen contestants.  They were evaluated on the basis of confidence, usage of language, and knowledge on matters concerned. At the end of the day, 35 students were selected as ‘Correspondents’. They were given badges and certificates, and are now expected to write articles and give inputs for the daily publishing of the Times NIE.

OISP is extremely proud for the momentous work done by Tanuj Gangrade and wishes him greater success in his journey ahead.  The school is extremely proud of his achievement.