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Best Cbse Schools In Thane 2022-23 | Orchids The International School

If you are looking for the best CBSE Schools in Thane, then Orchids the International School, will not disappoint. Located in the newest center of Thane, Kolshet, ours is one of the most sought-after international schools. We offer world-class education within a safe and healthy environment; hence we have made our way to being the top CBSE school in Thane.  

Orchids the International School, has had the great privilege of being featured in the list of top schools in Mumbai, which was published in the Hindustan Times in 2017. 

Our curriculum aims at providing a holistic development to the students. The perfect blend of western techniques with traditional methodologies gives the students at Orchids the International School, the best of both worlds. Being one of the best CBSE schools in Thane, it is only natural that our students get a sound understanding of the basic concepts. using subject-specific kits for conceptual learning. We ensure the students remember what they learn and retain it for the lifetime. With the help of in-house decodable books, the students are able to grasp sounds and phonetics with ease. Going to the next step in terms of empowering our students for the future means incorporating modern technological advancements in the traditional CBSE syllabus. The Robotics course is one of the numerous subjects that you can find in our curriculum.  

The curriculum at Orchids the International School, revolves around the SHARPER theory that is developed by our Central Academic and Research Team (CART). We strive for the overall development of the students, and this program helps us inculcate moral values and excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. Our world-class infrastructure allows children to explore their talents and passions; this provides them with the best environment for a CBSE School in Thane, promoting efficient learning with ease.

We welcome students from the playgroup right up to grade XII. Once out, the students become skilled and respectable part of our society.

Quick Facts

ORCHIDS The International School's Campus
59610.54 Sq. Ft.
ORCHIDS The International School's Cities
ORCHIDS The International School's Teachers
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ORCHIDS The International School's music classroom

Music Rooms

Where imaginations are tuned

 swimming pool

Swimming pool

Where coordination is mastered

smart class

Smart classes

Where learning is par excellence

ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

Computer lab

Where language is digital

ORCHIDS The International School's library


Where wisdom is treasured

ORCHIDS The International School's Science Lab

Science lab

Where innovations get ignited

ORCHIDS The International School's Robotics lab

Robotics lab

Where future begins

ORCHIDS The International School's playground


Where life happens


Fee Structure 23-24

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Fees Structure for New Admission-Ist Shift
NURSERY 10000 110000
LKG/K1 10000 110000
UKG/K2 10000 115000
Grade 1 11000 120000
Grade 2 11000 126500
Grade 3 11000 132000
Grade 4 11000 137000
Grade 5 16000 141500
Grade 6 16000 155500
Grade 7 16000 161000
Grade 8 16000 171500
Grade 9 16000 177000
Grade 10 16000 180000
Grade 11 16000 196000
Grade 12 16000 196000
Fees Structure for New Admission-IInd Shift
Nursery 10000 100000
LKG 10000 100000
UKG 10000 105000