Competition is the force that motivates students to perform better in every task. It assists students, especially at the time when they are performing the same task with the other fellows. Through competition, students not only do what is required to accomplish the required goals, but also do the best they can do. Competition allows the students to come forward with better ideas and clearly highlight their skills in front of their teacher and classmates. It contributes to other factors like: Enhance experience, Teamwork, Knowledge Gain, Creativity etc….

Motivation is essential for student achievement. With that thought Orchids – The International School, Thane organized ‘WORD MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP’ in the grade of K2 -Pre-Primary. Wherein all the sections were tested on their literacy skills under two rounds and then we got our little ‘WORD MASTER’. Students and parents both were equally excited for this competition from the day we announced till we declared the results. On Friday, 13th October we awarded the winners and runner ups with trophies, medals and certificates during special assembly.