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Top CBSE Schools in Mumbai- Orchids International School

Among the best CBSE schools in Mumbai, Orchids International School has been honored multiple times in the prestigious Asian Education Leadership Awards and Times Education Survey. By imparting education through the adoption of modern and indigenous methodologies, Orchids Schools have emerged as leading CBSE schools in Mumbai for both Indian and International students.

Ranked among the top schools in Mumbai, Orchids empowers students with a holistic 360° development through innovative and fun visualizations, quizzes, and interactive 3D modules. Along with a focus on overall development, Orchids ensure the safety and security of students with round the clock monitoring of school premises through dedicated supervisors and high definition CCTV cameras. We take pride in creating an environment of excellence on our campus, so that the school becomes a second home for our domestic and international students, encouraging them to learn more and more.

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The pandemic tried to bring the world to a halt, but it couldn't stop learning at ORCHIDS. Our highly qualified faculty with the will to ensure 'the show must go on' made it possible to bring classrooms fit into our screens. With double the enthusiasm to make learning unstoppable, there has never been a missed class at ORCHIDS. Our faculty constantly evolves to introduce new techniques and creative methods to make learning fun and engaging.