NCERT Solution |PDF| Class 3| EVS chapter 8 |Flying High

EVS Class 3 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-8: Flying High

NCERT Class 3 EVS Chapter 8 Flying High introduces the concepts of birds, how birds differ from one another based on their sounds, claws, beaks and feathers, different types of beaks, and foods commonly eaten by birds. Movements, sounds, and feathers of birds and animals other than birds who can fly are also mentioned in the chapter. The kids are encouraged to observe different birds in their surroundings. 

Our subject experts have drafted the NCERT Solutions of EVS Class 3 Chapter 8 as per the guidelines put forward by CBSE. The answers to all the questions are factually correct, to-the-point, and lucid.

NCERT Solutions for EVS Class 3 Chapter 8 Flying High in PDF format can be downloaded for free from the given link.

Engaging and hands-on activities are provided in Class 3 EVS Chapter 8 Worksheets with answers to make learning fun for the children. The worksheets are visually appealing and imaginative to arouse interest among the young learners.

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