NCERT Solutions|EVS| Class 5|Chapter 6|PDF|Every Drop Counts

EVS Class-5 NCERT Solutions, Chapter 6-: Every Drop Counts

NCERT Solutions Class 5 EVS Chapter 6 Every Drop Counts describes the different aspects of water. It covers the journey of rainwater, wells and step wells, rainwater collection, how people have used water over time, and customs related to water. The chapter encourages the kids to observe the local water bodies in the adjoining areas. Other topics included in the text are unequal water distribution, water bills, how water is supplied to houses and buildings, and why everyone should have equal access to water.

Our team of subject-matter experts has written the solutions of EVS Class 5 Chapter 6 as per the CBSE syllabus and NCERT guidelines. The answers are 100% correct, brief and free-flowing.

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