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NCERT Solutions for Class-2 Chapter-13 Poem: On My Blackboard I can Draw

The poem On my Blackboard I can Draw, paints a picture of a house that a boy wants to draw on the blackboard. The house would have a green door and two brown gates. It would also have red steps at the entrance and marigolds against the wall. Moreover, in the NCERT class 2 English chapter 13 poem, the poet states that there will be four chimneys and five little windows.

Download the NCERT Solutions for On My Blackboard I can Draw in PDF

Reading is Fun

Question 1 :

 How many windows does the house have in this poem?

Answer :

The house in this poem has five little windows.

Question 2 :

 Where do the marigolds grow?

Answer :

The marigolds grow against the wall.

Let’s Write

Question 1 :

Using the pictures as clues fill in the blanks –
Answer :

Question 2 :

Find the right sentence –
Read the pairs of sentences below. Fill in the blanks in the second sentence with the opposite of the word in red.
Answer :

Question 3 :

Change from singular to plural by adding es, ies and ves.
For example:
buffalo buffaloes, baby babies, knife knives
hero ______ fly _______ wolf ______
Potato_____ lady ______ loaf_______

Answer :

hero heroes fly flies wolf wolves
potato potatoes lady ladies loaf loaves

Question 4 :

These are the two rooms of the house. Colour them. Based on this activity, complete the paragraphs –
Answer :

This is my bedroom.
It has one window.
The colour of my bed is green.
There are three pictures on the wall.
(Note: You can write your own answer)
This is a living room.
It has a sofa set in it.
We watch television here.
It has two curtains.
It has one table.

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