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NCERT Solutions for Class-3 Chapter-6 Story: The Enormous Turnip

The story of the Enormous Turnip involves an old man living in a village who grew an enormous turnip that he wanted to harvest, but it was too big for him to pull out by himself. A while later, an old lady who was walking by decided to help him, but they still couldn’t pull it out. Later a boy and a girl were walking by and they decided to help in pulling the turnip out as well. The turnip came out swiftly with the help of the boy, the old lady, and the girl. The Enormous Turnip question answer for this chapter helps the child to: describe the usage of the past tense.  draft paragraphs on the given topic.  describe the edible nature of plants that grow underground.  The NCERT textbook Marigold questions are answered in a simple and engaging manner. We also have related ‘Learning Concepts’, and interactive worksheets with solutions. Our ‘Learning Beyond’ segment caters to all the probable questions that the child might think out of curiosity.

Download the NCERT Solutions for The Enormous Turnip in PDF

Reading is Fun

Question 1 :

What did the old man plant?

Answer :

The old man planted a few turnip seeds.

Question 2 :

Why was it difficult for the old man to pull up the turnip?

Answer :

It was difficult for the old man to pull up the turnip as the turnip was enormous in size.


Question 3 :

Who helped him to pull up the enormous turnip?

Answer :

An old woman, a girl, and a boy helped him to pull up the huge turnip.

Question 4 :

Who ate the enormous turnip?

Answer :

The old man, the girl, the boy, and the old woman ate the enormous turnip.

Talk time

Question 1 :

 Name and draw four vegetables that have to be pulled out from the earth. Now name them in your own language.

Answer :

The four vegetables in my language are:

Onion - Pyaaz    Carrot – Gaajar
Potato - Aalu Beetroot - Chukandar

Let’s go shopping!

Question 1 :

 How many vegetables can you find in this maze? Draw a circle around each word. One has been done for you.
Answer :

Game of Opposites

Question 1 :

The entire class can be divided into two groups where one group says one word and the second group says the opposite word.

Group I Group II
pull push
black ______
true ______
right ______

This is how the game goes on. Some words are suggested here. You may pick up some more words from the lesson.

far, good, dark, up, old
Answer :

Group I Group II
pull push
black white
true false
right wrong

For the suggested words, refer to the answer given below:
good – bad
dark – light
up – down
old – young

Let’s Write

Question 1 :

Complete these columns.
Answer :

Question 2 :

Name four vegetables you ate last week. Write their names here.

Answer :





Question 3 :

 How do you like to eat these vegetables—raw or cooked? Say why.

Answer :


Vegetables Raw Cooked
carrot Cooked --
turnip -- Cooked
potato -- Cooked
onion Raw Cooked
beans -- Cooked

I eat the carrots and onions in a salad as it is soft to eat, but turnip, potato, and beans are too hard for me to chew. I eat turnip, potato, and beans when it is cooked.


Question 1 :

One word in each of the following sets is different from the others. Circle the odd one out.
i. turnip, potato, tomato, sunflower, carrot, brinjal (clue – vegetables)
ii. cow, horse, goat, fox, kangaroo, melon (clue – animals)
iii. banyan, neem, peepal, mango, snake, apple (clue – trees)
iv. rose, lily, sunflower, lotus, cauliflower (clue – flowers)
v. peacock, parrot, lizard, crow, woodpecker (clue – birds)

Answer :

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