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NCERT: Math-Magic Solutions for Class-3, Chapter-13: Smart Charts

Smart Charts deals with the concept of data handling. This chapter have exercises on recording data using tally marks, drawing conclusion from recoded data, representing data using pictographs. The solutions for Math-Magic Chapter-13 have been created and verified by our experienced subject matter experts, according to the CBSE syllabus and guidelines of NCERT. For practice, our subject matter experts have created very interactive, activity-based, and Image-based worksheets on these topics to enhance learning. The NCERT Solutions of Math-Magic for Class-3, Chapter-13: Smart Charts in PDF format can be downloaded for free Click here.

Download the NCERT Solutions for Smart Charts in PDF

What Do We See on the Road?

Question 1 :

Look at the traffic scene in the picture and fill in the table.

Answer :

Observe the given picture and count the different ways of travel used by people. The correct answer is:

Question 2 :

Can a horse without a rider come in this smart chart?

Answer :

A horse without a rider cannot come in this smart chart because this chart shows the different ways of travelling. A horse without a rider is an animal not a mode of travelling.

Question 3 :

Answer the following questions.

  1. In the picture which way of travel do you see the most?
  2. Which way of travel (vehicle) do you see the least?
  3. The number of people walking is more than the number of ______
  4. The number of buses is less than the number of________
Answer :

  1. In the given picture 17 four-wheelers can be seen, that is the highest number. Therefore, four-wheelers are the most preferred way of travelling.
  2. In the picture only one bullock cart can be seen, that is the least number. Therefore, bullock cart is the least preferred way of travelling.
  3. From the given picture, 5 people are walking and 4 people are traveling by bullock cart. Therefore, the number of people walking is more than the number of bullock carts.
  4. From the given picture there are 4 buses and 5 people are walking. Therefore, the number of buses is less than the number of people walking.

How Many Times Do You Get 6?

Question 1 :

Have you played any games with dice? How many dots are there on the different faces of a die?

Answer :

Answer it by yourself. There are many games that are played with dice. One example is Ludo.
There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 dots, respectively on different faces of a dice.

Question 2 :

Now fill in the table:

a) Which face of the die did you get the most number of times?
b) How many times did come up?
c) came up more times than_______

Answer :

Do it by yourself. Throw a dice 30 times and note the numbers you get. Write them in the table and then answer the questions. A sample answer is.