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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Chapter-15 Poem: The Donkey

The poem describes a young boy's wish that if he had a donkey, what are all the things he would do for the donkey. He would find hay and some corn to ensure his donkey was taken care of.

Download the NCERT Solutions for The Donkey in PDF

Fun time

Question 1 :

Match pictures to the text and give an ending to the story by drawing the sixth picture. Give it a title.

Answer :

Title – Dinu, the Donkey
(Note: The student has to draw the last picture on their own.)


Question 2 :

 Complete what is missing in these drawings. What work do these men or women do?

Answer :

a) A milkman sells milk.

b)A grocer sells vegetables.

c) A policeman catches thieves.

d) An ice-cream man sells ice cream.

e) A wrestler lifts weights.


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