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NCERT Solutions for Class-4 Chapter-19 Story: Pinocchio

The story is about a carpenter who brought a very strange piece of wood. Whenever he used his plane on it, he heard a laughing voice asking him to stop tickling it. The carpenter wondered what he would make out of this wood. He decided to make a puppet out of it. As soon as he made the eyes and hands, he noticed that the puppet could move and talk. Every time the puppet lies, his nose grows bigger and bigger. Pinocchio learned that he should never lie again.

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Question 1 :

 What did Pinocchio say in the end?

Answer :

Pinocchio is glad to be a real boy and that he would never lie again.

Question 2 :

What did the carpenter buy?

Answer :

The carpenter bought a strange piece of wood.

Question 3 :

What did he make out of it?

Answer :

The carpenter made a puppet boy out of it.

Question 4 :

What did he call his puppet?

Answer :

He called his puppet Pinocchio.

Let’s talk

Question 1 :

Have you ever seen a puppet?

Answer :

Yes, I have seen a puppet.

Question 2 :

Tell the story of Pinocchio with actions.

Answer :

(Note: Students have to attempt on their own.)

Word building

Word fun

Question 1 :

How many words can you make from PINOCCHIO?
Fill them in the empty boxes.


Answer :

Let’s write

Question 1 :

Now make sentences using some of the above words.

Answer :

Spade : The carpenter uses a spade to renew her flowerbed.
Pencil : The carpenter uses a charcoal pencil for shading.
ChiselThe carpenter uses a chisel on ice.
Hammer : The carpenter uses his hammer to join two pieces of wood.
NailsNails are used to join two pieces of wood together.
Anvil : The blacksmith shaped a horseshoe on his anvil.

Question 2 :

Give another word from the story that means

completed ___________________
surprised ___________________
strange ___________________
make up your mind ___________________
Answer :

completed                   finished___________________

surprised                    amazed___________________

strange                       weird___________________

make up your mind    decided___________________

Question 3 :

Which of the following would you expect a carpenter to use at work?
bench, poker, plane, chisel, fork, spade, blotting paper, lawn-mower, telescope, pincers, jaw, scissors, hammer, map, nails, lathe, pencil, anvil.

_______________ _______________
_______________ _______________
_______________ _______________
_______________ _______________
Answer :

chisel_______________ plane_______________
hammer_______________ anvil_______________
spade_______________ nails_______________
lathe_______________ pencil_______________

Question 4 :

Make naming words by adding, ness, ity, ty at the end of the words given below. One has been done for you.

public publicity stupid stupidity
forgive _________ blind _________
kind _________ cruel _________
polite _________ swift _________
moral _________ solid _________
Answer :

public publicity stupid stupidity
forgive forgiveness___ blind blindness _________
kind kindness______ cruel cruelty________
polite politely________ swift swiftly________
moral morality_______ solid solidity________

Question 5 :

Add ‘-er’ or ‘-r’ to the doing words below to make new words.

stiff ___________________
strange ___________________
fight ___________________
dance ___________________
juggle ___________________
ride ___________________
speak ___________________
use ___________________
write ___________________
joke ___________________

Add ‘-er’ or ‘-r’ to the doing words below to make new words.

Answer :

stiff                stiffer___________________

strange         stranger___________________

fight              fighter___________________

dance           dancer___________________

juggle            juggler___________________

ride               rider___________________

speak           speaker___________________

use               user___________________

write             writer___________________

joke              joker___________________

Question 6 :

Make opposites with the words-
dis ____ in ____

       respect               _________       
       own               _________
       able               _________
       capable               _________
       efficient               _________
       secure               _________
Answer :

       respect               disrespect       
       own        disown
       able        incapable
       capable        disable
       efficient        inefficient
       secure        insecure

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