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MATHS Class-5 NCERT Solutions, Chapter-5: Does It Look The Same?

The chapter Does it Look The Same? focuses on dealing with the concept of symmetry in shapes and objects. It helps the students to understand how symmetry works and how to identify symmetrical objects.

Download the NCERT Solutions for Does It Look The Same? in PDF

Does it Look the Same?

Question 1 :

Which fan will look the same on a 1/3 turn?

Answer :

The fan shown as picture (a) will look the same on a 1/3 turn.

Question 2 :

Draw the shape after 1/3 turn.

Answer :

The shape will look the same after 1/3 turn.

Question 3 :

 Look at the following shapes. Draw how they will look like on 1/3 and 1/6 turn.

Answer :

 The correct answer is:

Question 4 :

a) Among the following shapes, find out which ones would look the same afterturn. Put a (✔). b) Put a (×) on the shape that will not look the same after half a turn.

Answer :

The correct answer is:

Question 5 :

a) Find out which of these figures look the same on turn. Mark them with (✔)
b) Which are the ones that will not look the same after turn? Mark them with (×)