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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science (Civics) Chapter- 1 The Indian Constitution

Access the NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Civics Chapter 1 - "The Indian Constitution" with a free PDF download from Orchid International School. While the Social and Political life chapters may pose initial challenges with their research-oriented questions and structured answer patterns, mastering the core concepts can significantly ease the learning process.

Access Answers to NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science (Civics) Chapter- 1 The Indian Constitution

The Indian Constitution

Question 1 :

Why does a democratic country need a Constitution?

Answer :

A democratic country needs a Constitution for the following reasons:

  • A constitution serves as the set of rules using which the government runs.

  • It also defines the nature of the political system.

  • It provides the guidelines for the government of a country.

  • The ideals of the society in the country are provided. 

  • It lays down the ideals that form the basis of the kind of country that its citizens aspire to live in.

  • It protects the rights of lesser privileged citizens in the state.

  • It also checks the power abuse by the political rulers.


Question 2 :

Look at the wordings of the two documents given below. The first column is from the 1990 Nepal Constitution. The second column is from the more recent interim Constitution of Nepal.

1990 Constitution of Nepal

Part 7: Executive

2007 Interim Constitution

Part 5: Executive

Article 35: Executive Power: The executive power of the Kingdom of Nepal shall be exercised exclusively by His Majesty.

Article 37: Executive Power: The executive power of Nepal shall, pursuant to this Constitution and other laws, be vested in the Council of Ministers. The executive functions of Nepal shall be taken in the name of the Prime Minister.

What is the difference in who exercises 'Executive Power' in the above two Constitutions of Nepal? Keeping this in mind, why do you think Nepal needs a new Constitution today?


Answer :

The difference between who exercises the executive power is that earlier the power was vested in the hands of the King of Nepal whereas now the power is vested in the hands of the Council of Ministers of Nepal, headed by the Prime Minister of Nepal.

Since Nepal is no longer a monarchy, it needs a new constitution which reflects the democratic ideals of the Nepalese society as the people had sought a revolution for the same.


Question 3 :

What would happen if there were no restrictions on the power of elected representatives?


Answer :

If there are no restrictions on the power of the elected representatives, they would abuse the power to cause injustice to the people leading to the collapse of the democratic ideals of the society.


Question 4 :

In each of the following situations, identify the minority. Write one reason why you think it is important to respect the views of the minority in each of these situations.

  1. In a school with 30 teachers, 20 of them are male.

  2. In a city, 5 percent of the population are Buddhists.

  3. In a factory mess for all employees, 80 percent are vegetarians.

  4. In a class of 50 students, 40 belong to more well-off families. 


Answer :

  1. Female and transgender teachers are in minority, so their views must be respected to keep the smooth flow of the teaching process.
  2. Buddhists are in minority, so their views must be respected so that they can practise their religion without any hesitation.

  3. The non-vegetarians are in minority, so their views towards food are to be respected and as long as they do not create hindrance towards the functioning of the mess, they should be allowed to eat whatever is good for them.

  4. the students who are not from well-off families are in the minority. So, their views must be respected so that they also grow in knowledge at school.


Question 5 :

The column on the left lists some of the key features of the Indian Constitution. In the other column write two sentences, in your own words, on why you think this feature is important:

Key Feature




Separation of Powers


Fundamental Rights


Parliamentary Form of Government



Answer :

Key Feature



It provides national unity. It also enhances the decision-making process.

Separation of Powers

The power is not concentrated in the hands of a few. It also provides for checks on abuse of power.

Fundamental Rights

They protect the citizens from abuse of power by the state. They also force the government to work for the people.

Parliamentary Form of Government

It provides for a decentralised power system. It also leads to better coordination between the legislature and the executive.

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