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NCERT Solutions Class 8 Geography Chapter-1 Resource

The Resources and Development section in CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 offers a compelling and easily comprehensible exploration of fundamental concepts. Its real-world applications render it particularly engaging for students, with relevance extending into university-level studies.

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Question 1 :

Answer the Following Questions.

i. Why are resources distributed unequally over the earth?

ii. What is resource conservation?

iii. Why are human resources important?

iv. What is sustainable development?

Answer :

i. The resources over the earth are distributed unequally because of the diverse nature of terrain, climate, altitude, water and other physical factors over the earth. 

ii.  The term resource conservation means to use the available resources for constructive purposes without wasting them over a long period of time.

iii. Human resources are important because it is the humans who can make use of the natural resources in the best way possible without wasting them. Animals do not use the resources cautiously as they are nomads.

iv. Sustainable development is the usage of resources in such a way that the process of formation and process of exploitation are equal so that the resources can be used for several years. In short, the usage of resources for development in a way that the next generation also gets access to these resources is called sustainable development.


Question 2 :

Tick the correct answer.

i. Which one of the following does NOT make substance a resource?

  1. Utility

  2. Value

  3. Quantity

ii. Which one of the following is a human made resource?

  1. Medicines to treat cancer

  2. Spring water

  3. Tropical forests

iii. Complete the statement.

Non-Renewable resources are ________.

  1. those which have limited stock

  2. made by human beings

  3. derived from non-living things


Answer :

i. (c) Quantity

ii. (a) Medicines to treat Cancer

iii. (a) those which have limited stock


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