NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Maths, English, and EVS
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Class 3: NCERT Solutions for English, Maths and EVS Subjects

Class 3 is a significant phase of primary education. The NCERT Solutions for Grade 3 plays a vital role for student in securing good grades in their examinations. In Class 3, students learn a wide range of concepts in Math and English, and are introduced to a new subject called Environmental Studies (EVS). Since, understanding the basic concepts is mandatory for students to perform well in their examinations, we provide NCERT Solutions for Grade 3 Math and English.

Chapter-wise, well explained error-free, and step-by-step Class-3 NCERT Solutions are created by our subject matter experts in simple and grade-appropriate language. Students can learn and understand the concepts going through these solutions independently.

NCERT Solutions for all subjects of Grade 3 in PDF format

The chapter-wise NCERT solutions for grade 3 are provided in PDF format, which can be downloaded for free. One can access these solutions easily even when they are offline. These solutions are a perfect companion to the NCERT textbook. Students can use these for their Homework help in Math, EVS, and English.