Grade-X Results
                                             It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Orchids- The International School, Thane has recorded astounding resultssetting a high standard for the following batches to surpass. It is a milestone to the achievements of the institution as it is the proud holder of the 100% school result in the 10th in All India Secondary School Examination- 2018. We are elated to share that 58 students from OIS-Thane appeared for the Grade X- All India Secondary School Examination out of which 33 students have scored distinction and 51 students scored 1st division. Our school Toppers are: 1st Position: Ms. Anshuli Chikhale scored 95.8% 2nd Position: Ms. Ishita Goel scored 95.6% 3rd Position: Mst. Akshat Gupta scored 94.8%   Our Subject Toppers are:   English:Ms. Ashmita Dhar scored 98/100 Hindi: Ms. Anshuli Chikhale scored 96/100 French: Ms. Ria Deshmukh scored 99/100 Mathematics: Ms. Ishita Goel scored 97/100 Science: Ms. Ishita Goel scored 98/100 Social Science: Ms. Ishita Goel scored 100/100   We really appreciate all the hard work and dedication of all the teachers as well as parents for their support and of course all the students who have strived hard. Heartiest Congratulations to all our dear students. You all are on your way to doing some great things indeed. You have all made us proud and we wish you all the very best for your future. Make the most out of the knowledge you learned from school. As you move forward in life, keep working hard. Thrive to success. You’ll soon reap the fruits of your efforts and hard work.
                                            A wise man once said 'What you Sow, So shall you Reap.' No tree bears fruit overnight and similarly no genius is born in a day.   Orchids The International School – Palagully is proud to announce that the hard work of our staff and our 1st batch of Grade X students has paid off!They entered school with vulnerable minds and happy smiles. We sowed discipline, love, competition, integration and the zeal to conquer the world.   Today, it is time to reap the fruits and divulge in its glory as they walk out as fine young individuals. Today, our words hold no value as it is their hard work and scores that speak for them.We are immensely proud to share the CBSE results with everyone:   Out of 19 students, who appeared in AISSE 2018, a stupendous 12 students have secured distinction, 15 students have secured 1st division and 10 students have secured A+ grade. We are proud to share that we have 100% school result and our students have done exceedingly well in the board examination.   Our school’s toppers are:- First Position – Miss Zainab Muhammad Salim Wangde Marks obtained: 486/500; Percentage- 97.2%   Second Position – Master BhavikBaruah Marks obtained – 484/500; Percentage- 96.8 %   Third Position – Miss SaloniSachinSankpal Marks obtained- 482/500: Percentage - 96.4%   Miss Saloni Sankpal and Miss Ekta Gupta have ranked the highest in English with a score of 94/100. Miss Saloni Sankpal has ranked the highest in Hindi with a score of 98/100. Miss Zainab Wangde and Master Bhavik Baruah have ranked the highest in French with a score of 99/100. Miss Zainab Wangde, Master Bhavik Baruah and Miss Saloni Sankpal have ranked the highest in Mathematics with a score of 99/100. Miss Zainab Wangde and Master Bhavik Baruah have ranked the highest in Science with a score of 98/100. Miss Zainab Wangde and Master Bhavik Baruah have ranked the highest in Social Science with a score of 98/100.   From here on begins a New Era... an era wherein the school will receive adulation and praise for their raging success and be known through their glorious journey. Kudos to Them and Us!
Times of India Press visit
                      Terna Orchids-The International School, Koparkhairane organized an educational trip to the Times of India Press, Airoli for students of Grade V to Grade IX. The excitement of the      students was palpable as the buses entered the high security zone and a security brief was given to everyone. As they were taken around the unit, the journey of the newspaper, from its inception to it’s reaching our doorsteps, came to light. The production and marketing team of the Times group, explained in detail with live display of how the rolls of paper transform from mere blank sheets to the colourful and informative newspaper. Each step of the process - automated transportation of paper from the store on ground floor to the printing machine on the first floor, layout and stamping of content on photosensitive plates, mixing of four basic colours to get the final print, printing and drying, folding and packaging – was explained and illustrated in detail by the staff members. The students were fascinated to watch the huge machines at work and to see the final output of the vernacular newsprint being transported to various destinations. The students also asked a number of questions to understand the process better and were appreciated for their understanding and quest for knowledge. The students enjoyed the refreshments served and thanked the hosts profusely. It was indeed a memorable day for the students as learning happened out of the classroom!