No matter what your child’s academic performance is – these three exercises will help your child unlock the academic genius from within

Goals – a system of written words that help your child unlock the academic genius that lays within


Goals help your children clarify their reasons to study.

Every great goal needs a reason and the more reasons you have too achieve a goal – the more likely you are to succeed


The concept of goals revolves around tapping into your creative mechanism with clear and focussed questions.. These questions lead to creative answers – helping your child attack his subject in a breeze

Three Goal Achieving Exercises To Transform your child into an academic genius


1 – Write it down



The first step to setting a goal is to write it down in the present sentence.

So let’s say your child wants to score in the 90 in maths.

Tell him to write the following sentence 10 mines

“ I’ Suhail Khan have scored 90 in my math exam’

“ I’ Suhail Khan have scored 90 in my math exam’

“ I’ Suhail Khan have scored 90 in my math exam’


And so on until he’s written this down 10 TIMES.


2 – Visualize The Goal



Once he’s finished the above exercise – ask to sit down – close his eyes and clearly visualize a math paper with the number 90/100 written as his score.

Ask him to actually practice this whole affair in his mind – where he is waiting for the result and the teacher comes and gives the paper, and he looks at the paper and sees 90 written as his score.


3 – Reverse Engineer The Goal


Now the only thing left for you turn this vision into reality is to reverse engineer the goal.

Which basically means you need to figure out everything you need to do – to bring this vision into reality.

So all you need to do is write down your destination on top which is scoring 90 in Math…and your terminal – the place you are starting from at the bottom.

Once you do this you just fill up everything that you would need to do to get there.

Some of the things that your child could do is

1 – Practice More

2 – Figure out what my weak point in math are

3 – Work on these weak points with more practice sums

And you go on until you have an entire list of actions to take right now – to achieve this goal.

Do this ….make your child embrace this system as a daily practice and you’ll see him excel in academics and all parts of his life

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