Orchids The International Schools Features among the best

Digital Learning is Asia’s premier magazine for Information technology and communication.
Every year they publish rankings for top schools in various Indian cities. 
We are glad to announce that Hyderabad, Kurla and Jalahali branches of Orchids The international Schools have featured among the best in respective cities.

Orchids The International School Hyderabad:

A) Among top 15 schools in Hyderabad North


B) 3rd rank in Online presence


C) Top rank in Social Footprints


Orchids The International School Kurla, Mumbai:


A) Among top 15 schools in East Mumbai


Orchids The International School Jalahalli, Bengaluru:


A) Among top 15 schools in Bengaluru North


B) 6th rank in Online presence


C) 2nd highest in Social Footprints


Our objective is to keep our standards highest and deliver best quality education at each of our campuses.


Orchids Hyderabad         Orchids Mumbai  Orchids Bengaluru

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