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The Pulse

The Pulse is a Monthly Teacher Newsletter introduced to connect ORCHIDS as a whole. Teachers from each branch in all cities witness this Newsletter and also contribute with their own writings and inputs. The newsletter follows a monthly theme with various articles, games, testimonials etc covered. The Pulse also features a spotlight on the principal, teachers, and coordinators every month.

This newsletter is one of the most awaited publications in our network and we surely can’t wait for the next edition.

Scholarly Ink

“Through their Eyes, From their Minds” – Scholarly Ink is a Student Newsletter initiative entirely created by our Orchidians. This Newsletter gives them a chance to put their perspective of the world in the newsletter in their own words, designs, and colours.

It is a vibrant exhibition of all the monthly activities and announcements crafted by our young, bright minds. The Scholarly Ink is clearly a reflection of their perception about the world as it features a myriad of scientific and informative updates from across the globe. It also features fun and engaging sections like, ‘For The Love Of Lego’, ‘Puzzle Puddle’, etc. that can sway the minds of our little readers.