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Digitally enhanced learning methods through various equipment and initiatives allow us to enhance a child’s learning capabilities, keeping up with the pace of the world with our digital classrooms at Orchids International Schools.

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The Early Years Starters Program (ESP)

Digital Classroooms

The classrooms and labs are equipped with digital boards, along with tabs for each student. Series of expert videos on subject topics are being included in their curriculum through these devices. Each tablet will be connected to the Digi board to provide the students with an enhanced learning experience in our top school classrooms.

Bring Your Own Device(BYOD)

Bring your own device is an initiative to make the students tech-savvy by encouraging them to use technology in the wisest way for better purposes. The entire system functions on an intranet rather than the internet, where the school network is upgraded with learning material such as videos, worksheets, content, books, etc.

We offer online classes for students (The Early Years starters Program- ESP) belonging to the pre-nursery until grade 2. Parents will also get benefitted using this program. The specialties of this program are-

  • The teacher will interact with the student in sessions lasting at least 15 minutes. These will be one-to-one calls. The main focus of the program will be literacy, numeracy, and speaking skills.
  • Using email or orchids app, the teacher will make pre-made weekly plans and communicate them to the parents.
  • The aim is to develop specific skill sets in children
  • These weekly plans will contain some reading materials, videos, worksheets, or a combination of these for the parents to engage with their child during the day for approximately 3-5 hours every week.
  • The parents will get additional questions via accessing the let’s eduvate parent website.
  • The teacher will discuss progress with the parents on follow up calls and may also discuss with the child via zoom call.
  • To analyze the progress of the child, parents can upload various documents such as completed worksheets, audio recordings, videos, etc. This will be reviewed by the teacher.
  • This is only voluntary and not mandatory.
  • The duration will be from March 25 to May 25, 2020.
  • We focus on developing the cognitive skills of children

Online Worksheet & Online Tuitions

Online worksheets are facilitated to the students, aiming to provide a rigorous practice to our students.

Students are provided with online tuitions every Sunday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Flip Classroom Learning

For secondary classes, the students are provided with learning clips, which the students can refer to before classes start, for more productive discussions in classes.

Video - Assisted Learning

Each subject book includes a QR code attached to each lesson, through which the students can watch the videos for preparation at home.

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