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Mathematics Formulas List

Math Formulas | All Mathematical Formulas for Class 6 to 12 | ORCHIDS

Maths Formulas : 


Discover precise mathematics formulas for all classes from (6,7,8,9,10,11,12) at Orchids. Our expert educators offer a unique approach, unveiling the origins of equations in algebra, arithmetic, and geometry. Enhance problem-solving skills with a deeper understanding of derivation, calculus, and geometry. Explore Orchids for effective learning and mastery of mathematical concepts..


List of Maths Formulas (for All Concepts): 



2cosacosb Formula

30-60-90 Formulas

Absolute Value Formula

Addition Formula

Algebra Formulas

Algebraic Expressions Formula

Angle Formula

Annulus Formula

Anova Formula

Antiderivative Formula

Arc Length Formula

Arccot Formula

Arctan Formula

Area Formula for Quadrilaterals

Area Formulas

Area of a Circle Formula

Area of a Pentagon Formula

Area Of A Sector Of A Circle Formula

Area of a Square Formula

Area of a Trapezoid Formula

Area Of An Octagon Formula

Area of Regular Polygon Formula

Area Under the Curve Formula

Arithmetic Mean Formula

Arithmetic Sequence Explicit Formula

Arithmetic Sequence Formula

Arithmetic Sequence Recursive Formula

Associative Property Formula

Asymptote Formula

Average Deviation Formula

Average Rate of Change Formula

Axis of Symmetry Formula

Basic Math Formulas

Bayes Theorem Formula

Binary Formula

Binary to Decimal Formula

Binomial Distribution Formula

Binomial Expansion Formula

Binomial Probability Formula

Binomial Theorem Formula

Calculus Formulas

Celsius Formula

Central Angle of a Circle Formula

Central Limit Theorem Formula

Centroid of a Trapezoid Formula

Chain Rule Formula

Change of Base Formula

Chi Square Formula

Circle Graph Formula

Circumference Formula

Coefficient of Determination Formula

Coefficient of Variation Formula

Cofactor Formula

Cofunction Formulas

Coin Toss Probability Formula

Combination Formula

Commutative Property Formula

Completing the Square Formula

Complex Number Division Formula

Complex Number Formula

Complex Number Power Formula

Compound Interest Formula

Conditional Probability Formula

Confidence Interval Formula

Consecutive Integers Formula

Correlation Coefficient Formula

Cos Inverse Formula

Cos Square theta Formula

Cos Theta Formula

Cos Double Angle Formula

Cosec Cot Formula

Cosecant Formula

Cosine Formula

Cot Half Angle Formula

Cot-Tan formula

Cotangent Formula

Covariance Formula

Covariance Matrix Formula

Cp Formula

Cpk Formula

Cross Product Formula

Cube Formula

Cube Root Formula

Cubic Equation Formula

Daily Compound Interest Formula

De Moivre Formula

Decay Formula

Decimal to Binary Formula

Decimal to fraction Formula

Definite Integral Formula

Degree and Radian Measure Formula

Degrees of Freedom Formula

Derivative Formula

Determinant Formula

Diagonal Formula

Diagonal of a Cube Formula

Diagonal of Parallelogram Formula

Diagonal Of A Polygon Formula

Diagonal Of A Square Formula

Diameter Formula

Difference of Cubes Formula

Difference of Squares Formula

Difference Quotient Formula

Differential Equations formula

Differentiation and Integration Formula

Direct Variation Formula

Direction of a Vector Formula

Discount Formula

Discriminant Formula

Distributive Property Formula

Division Formula

Dot Product Formula

Double Angle Formulas

Double Time Formula

Effect Size Formula

Ellipse Formula

Empirical Probability Formula

Equation Formula

Equation of a Circle Formula

Equation of a Line Formula

Equilateral Triangle Formula

Euler Maclaurin Formula

Euler’s Formula

Exponential Distribution Formula

Exponential Equation Formula

Exponential Formula

Exponential Function Formula

Exponential Growth Formula

Exponents Formula

F Test Formula

Factorial Formula

Factoring Formulas

Factoring Trinomials Formula

Fahrenheit to Celsius Formula

Fibonacci Formula

Foil Formula

Fourier Series Formula

Frequency Distribution Formula

Frustum of a Regular Pyramid Formula

Frustum of a Right Circular Cone Formula

Function Formulas

Function Notation Formula

Gaussian Distribution Formula

Geometric Distribution Formula

Geometric Mean Formula

Geometric Sequence Formula

Geometric Series Formula

Geometry Formulas

Graph Formula

Graphs of Trigonometric Functions Formula

Great Circle Formula

Gross Profit Formula

Half Angle formula

Half Life Formula


Height of a Parallelogram Formula

Hexagon Formula

Hexagonal Pyramid Formula


Hyperbolic Function Formula

Hypergeometric Distribution Formula

Hypothesis Testing Formula

Implicit Differentiation Formula

Infinite Geometric Series Formula

Infinite Series Formula

Integral Calculus Formula

Integral Formulas

Integration By Parts Formula

Integration by Substitution Formula

Interest Formula

Interpolation Formula

Interquartile Range Formula

Inverse Function Formula

Inverse Hyperbolic Functions Formula

Inverse Matrix Formula

Inverse Tangent Formula

Inverse Trigonometric Formulas

Inverse Variation Formula

Isosceles Trapezoid Formula

Isosceles Triangle Perimeter Formula

Lagrange Interpolation Formula

Lateral Area Formula

Law of Cosines Formula

Law Of Sines And Cosines Formula

Law of Sines Formula

Law of tangent formula

LCM Formula

Limit Formula

Line of Best Fit Formula

Linear Approximation Formula

Linear Correlation Coefficient Formula

Linear Equations Formula

Linear Function Formula

Linear Interpolation Formula

Linear Regression Formula

Loan Balance Formula

Logarithm Formula

Maclaurin Series Formula

Magnitude of a Vector Formula

Margin of Error Formula

Area Of Isosceles Triangle

Perimeter of Rectangle

Matrix Formula

Mean Absolute Deviation Formula

Mean Deviation Formula

Mean Median Mode Formula

Mean Value Theorem Formula

Midpoint Formula

Monthly Compound Interest Formula

Multiple Angle Formulas

N Choose K Formula

Natural Log Formula

Newton’s Method Formula

Normal Distribution Formula

Octagon Formula

Orthocenter Formula

Parabola Formula

Parallel Line Formula

Parallelogram Formula

Partial Differential Equations

Pearson Correlation Formula

Percent Composition Formula

Percent Decrease Formula

Percent Difference Formula

Percent Error Formula

Percentage Change Formula

Percentage Decrease Formula

Percentage Formula

Percentage Increase Formula

Percentage Yield Formula

Percentile Formula

Perfect Square Formula

Perfect Square Trinomial Formula

Perimeter Formulas

Perimeter of a Kite Formula

Perimeter of a Parallelogram Formula

Perimeter of a Square Formula

Perimeter of a Trapezoid Formula

Perimeter of a Triangle Formula

Perimeter of Hexagon Formula

Perimeter of Rhombus Formula

Periodic Formulas

Permutation Formula

Permutations And Combinations Formulas

Perpendicular Line Formula

Pi Formulas

Platonic Solids Formula

Point Gradient Formula

Point of Intersection Formula

Point Slope Form Formula

Poisson Distribution Formula

Polygon Formula

Polynomial Formula

Population Mean Formula

Prime Number Formula

Prism Formula

Probability Distribution Formula

The probability Distribution Function Formula

Probability Formulas

Product Rule Formula

Product to Sum Formula

Profit Formula

Profit Margin Formula

Proportion Formula

Pyramid Formula

Pythagorean Theorem Formula

Pythagorean Triples Formula

Quadratic Function Formula

Quadratic Interpolation Formula

Quadrilateral Formulas

Quartile Formula

Quotient Rule Formula

R Squared Formula

Radians to Degrees Formula

Radical Formula

Radius Formula

Radius of Curvature Formula

Rate of Change Formula


Ratio Formula

Rectangle Formula

Rectangular Parallelepiped Formula

Recursive Formula

Reduction Formula

Regression Sum of Squares Formula

Regular Hexagon Formula

Regular Square Pyramid Formula

Regular Tetrahedron Formula


Relative Standard Deviation Formula

Resistors in Parallel Formula


Retention Factor Formula

Revenue Formula

Rhombus Formula

Riemann Sum Formula

Right Angle Formula

Right Triangle Formula

Root Mean Square Formula

Rotation Formula

Sample Mean Formula

Sample Size Formula

Sampling Error Formula

Scalene Triangle Formula

Scientific Notation Formula

Secant Formula

Secant Square x Formula

Selling Price Formula

Sequences and Series Formulas

Sequence Formula

Series Formula

Set Theory Formulas


Signal to Noise Ratio Formula

Simple Interest Formula

Simpson’s Rule Formula

Sin 30 Formula

Sin Cos Formulas

Sin squared x formula

Sin Tan formula

Sin Theta Formula

Sin to Cos Formula

Sin2x Formula

Sine Cosine Tangent Formula

Sine Formula

Sine Half Angle Formula

Sine Rule Formula

Skewness Formula

Slant Asymptote Formula

Slope Formula

Slope Intercept Form Formula

Slope of the Secant Line Formula

Sphere formula

Spherical Cap Volume Formulas

Spherical Sector Formula

Spherical Segment Formula

Spherical Wedge and Spherical Lune Formula

Square Footage Formula

Square Formula

Square Root Formula

Square Root Property Formula

Standard Deviation Formula

Standard Error Formula

Standard Form Formula

Statistical Significance Formula

Statistics Formulas

Stirling Formula

Subtraction Formulas

Sum of Arithmetic Sequence Formula

Sum of Cubes Formula

Sum of Squares Formula


Surface Area Formulas

Surface Area of a Cone Formula

Surface Area of a Cube Formula

Surface Area of a Cylinder Formula

Surface Area of a Prism Formula

Surface Area of a Pyramid Formula

Surface Area of a Rectangular Prism Formula

Surface Area of a Sphere Formula

Surface Area of a Square Pyramid Formula

Surface Area of a Triangular Prism Formula

Surface Area of Circle Formula

Surface Area of Hemisphere formula

Surface Area of a Rectangle Formula

T-Distribution Formula

T-Test Formula

Tan Theta formula

Tan2x Formula

Tangent 3 Theta Formula

Tangent Addition Formula

Tangent Circle Formula

Tangent Formula

Tangent Line Formula

Tangential Quadrilateral Formula

Taylor Series Formula

Temperature Conversion Formula

The Distance Formula

Trajectory Formula

Trapezoid formula

Trapezoidal Rule Formula

Triangle Formula

Triangular Pyramid Formula

Trigonometric Function Formulas

U Substitution Formula

Uniform Distribution Formula

Unit Circle Formula

Unit Rate Formula

Unit Vector Formula

Variance Formula

Vector Formulas

Vector Projection Formula

Vertex Formula

Vieta’s Formula

Volume Charge Density Formula

Volume Formulas

Volume of a Cone Formula

Volume of a Cube Formula

Volume Of A Cylinder Formula

Volume of a Pyramid Formula

Volume of a Rectangular Prism Formula

Volume Of A Sphere Formula

Volume of a Square Pyramid Formula

Volume of a Triangular Prism Formula

Volume of an Ellipsoid Formula

Volume of Parallelepiped Formula

Weighted Average Formula

Weighted Mean Formula

X and Y Intercept Formula

X Intercept Formula

Y Intercept Formula

Z Score Formula

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