Psychological Guidance and Counselling in Schools
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A child goes through so many experiences in such a short time that we often forget about their mental well being. Well, not here at ORCHIDS. We attend to every possible problem that a student might be facing, be it basic guidance and counselling in school, or mentoring the student through a serious issue. We are here for them at all times.

We have specially trained school counsellors who primarily:

  • Help students explore their abilities, strengths, interests, and talents as these traits relate to career awareness and development.
  • Address the red flag for behavioural issues marked by the teacher. This helps both the counsellor and the teacher to better understand the student.
  • Guide parents on the educational, personal, and social growth of students.
  • Work with teachers and other educators to help students explore their potential and set realistic goals for themselves.
  • Consult with counsellors for professional advice when a teacher cannot comprehend the situation and needs a finer view of the issue.
  • Listen and empathise with the students.
  • Collaborate to integrate guidance and counselling in school work and class lessons. Teachers and counsellors can work together to teach lessons in class about academics, careers, and personal/social issues. These lessons help students with their decision-making in school.

It is best to tackle problems before they become insurmountable.
The School Counselling Staff at our international schools provides developmental, proactive, and preventative services for students. This involves a cooperative effort among students, staff members, and parents.

School Counsellors are available at each branch.

  • A student may schedule an appointment with his or her counsellor.
  • Parents wishing to meet with their child’s counsellor may call or fix an appointment.
  • Students can stop by the counsellors office during their lunch period to pick up an appointment slip to complete in order to schedule a visit with their counsellor.
  • Once the counsellor reviews the student’s daily schedule, the student will be called out of a lighter period to address their concern(s). Information will be kept confidential, until and unless the situation is threatening for the safety of the child.

Our purpose is to empower all learners to lead satisfying and productive lives by assisting them in identifying and achieving educational, career, personal, and social goals. We are here to help by working with academic issues, educational and career planning, as well as personal concerns.