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Best CBSE Schools in Kharadi, Pune

Orchids International School is a CBSE board affiliated international school located- Behind IT Tower, Mundhwa - Kharadi Rd, Kharadi, Pune. Schools Admissions are now open for enrolling in Orchids International School in Kharadi. Our school admission process seeks to provide every child a fair and equal opportunity to guide into being capable and enlightened citizens of the future. Our CBSE Schools in Kharadi is open for admission for students in Early Childhood (from 3 years) to grade 5.

Orchids started its first branch in 2002, about 17 years ago. Since then, we offer an education embedded with the international and national values that help build a better tomorrow. We are a group of schools providing education inspired by and fit for the 21st century. Our CBSE schools in Kharadi, Pune, focus on an international education founded on rigorous excellence standards, seamlessly integrating technology into the ORCHIDS' learning environment. We want our students to embrace the opportunities created and yet to be built in tomorrow’s world. We intend to develop children into well-rounded personalities by employing innovative educational methods.

What makes us unique is the adoption of our unique philosophy in our curriculum. Known by the acronym of SHARPER, this unique approach helps us to teach values such as self-discipline, hard work, reflective and indicative thinking, etc., to our students. Aiming at a progressive, holistic development of children, ORCHIDS is striving to create a generation of fast learners and high- achievers.

Orchids International Schools in India are modern and innovative international schools, offering English-language academic programs from Early Childhood onwards, with a CBSE curriculum based on EYP Program. The School intends to develop children into well-rounded personalities by employing innovative educational methods. The EYP Program, one of our hallmarks, engages children to understand basic subjects and has put us on the list of the best CBSE schools in Pune.

We employ innovative teaching methods such as storytelling, In-house decodable books, Audio-Visual Teaching aids, etc., at the Primary level. At Orchids, we aim to bridge the gap between academic and extracurricular activities. Equipped with world-class infrastructure (Playgrounds, Skating rinks, Basketball courts, Swimming pools, library, and Activity Rooms), we give the children a platform where they can polish and nurture their natural talents. Owing to these salient features, ORCHIDS towers over the other schools in Kharadi. As safety is our highest priority, all the campuses are under CCTV surveillance, and we employ only female teachers till class 5. We believe communication between parents and teachers is a must. We have developed a Parental App, where they can get updates about the progress of their children. We also arrange coffee chats; conducted every 3-4 months to discuss grade-specific common issues that students face.

The school’s specially designed curriculum by our Central Academic Research Team (CART) draws the best of international and Indian teaching methodologies to provide a vibrant learning environment to the students. We welcome parents looking for the best CBSE schools in Kharadi, Pune.


ORCHIDS The International School's music classroom

Music Rooms

Where imaginations are tuned

 swimming pool

Swimming pool

Where coordination is mastered

smart class

Smart classes

Where learning is par excellence

ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

Computer lab

Where language is digital

ORCHIDS The International School's library


Where wisdom is treasured

ORCHIDS The International School's Science Lab

Science lab

Where innovations get ignited

ORCHIDS The International School's Robotics lab

Robotics lab

Where future begins

ORCHIDS The International School's playground


Where life happens