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Best CBSE Schools in Manjri, Pune

One of the top CBSE schools in Manjri, Pune, is Orchids The International School, which is renowned for its distinctive teaching approach. Here, we combine traditional methods with cutting-edge ones to give our students the perfect blend. We promote the kids' holistic development on all stages, emphasizing academics, extracurricular activities, sports, and life skills.

Our curriculum's incorporation of our unique philosophy distinguishes us from other schools. This innovative method, also known by its acronym SHARPER, aids us in instilling in our kids virtues like self-discipline, diligence, reflective and analytical thinking, etc. Our students’ organic holistic development is the objective of ORCHIDS, which places additional emphasis on experiential learning in addition to the regular CBSE curriculum.

At the primary level, we use cutting-edge teaching strategies and subject-specific kits like storytelling, in-house decodable books, audio-visual teaching aids, etc. We give the children a platform where they can polish and nurture their natural talents and an environment where they feel free to learn and grow. Owing to these salient features, ORCHIDS towers over the other schools in Hadapsar.

Our prime concern is safety, thus we have CCTV cameras on every site and only hire female teachers up to fifth grade. Orchids has created a Parental App so that parents will receive updates on their children's development since we think that interaction with parents and educators is essential. Additionally, we set up coffee conversations, which are held every three to four months and cover frequent problems kids encounter as per their grade.

We welcome parents looking for the best CBSE schools in Manjri or nearby areas at Orchids The International School, Manjri campus.

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Fee Structure 2023-24

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Class Admission Fee Total Academic fee
Nursery 10000 85000
LKG 10000 88000
UKG 10000 88000
Grade I 11000 100000
Grade II 11000 100000
Grade III 11000 108000
Grade IV 11000 108000
Grade V 16000 114000
Grade VI 16000 114000
Grade VII 16000 119000
Grade VIII 16000 128000