Robotics Courses for kids at Orchids International Schools
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Robotics courses as a part of our curriculum adhere to the needs of the changing world by polishing our students with a skill set that will help them in the longer run.

The Robotics course for kids has been meticulously designed to allow our young geniuses to extensively explore the world of technology and robotics. We intend to keep our students updated with the most recent technological advancements rather than traditional and outdated teaching methods. Robotics is a fun and effective way to introduce kids to not only programming but also to engage their interests in other subjects in a creative manner. It makes kids learn Science and Math in engaging ways and can capture a child’s imagination like no other tool by creating a fun, physical learning process. Our curriculum includes Scratch junior, Scratch, Blocklydino, Syntax, Arduino, and many more programs.

A series of National and International Competitions, including the ones being organized by IITs, are lined up, serving as an exhibiting opportunity for our young talented minds.



Students from pre-primary & primary classes, studying in grades I, II & III are initially eased into the robotics courses by familiarizing with the basics of programming through Edurobo, an in-house designed robot, which assists them in learning program via interactive play by moving a robot in various sequences and also through Scratch Junior, a software that provides first-hand learning of programming a robot. Our motive is to introduce programming to the students in the easiest way possible.



Grades IV & V is where our curriculum delves deeper into the concepts of robotics. The students learn to program the turnover, in-house designed robot, through a software namely Blockyduino, by Google. The ideal motive for these grades is to bring them face to face with the applications of digital sensors, infrared rays, the logic behind each programming. This phase is a huge learning curve for the students, as they learn to build a complete robot of various characteristics such as obstacle avoidance, Edge line robot, soil moisture detection, etc. The students are encouraged to come up with their own ideas transform the same logic into programming. If a student feels he wants to assemble a robot by himself, he can.



With Robokit, students of grades VI, VII, VIII & IX are provided with advanced knowledge of robotics, involving both programmings as well as mechanical knowledge and practice of the things taught in robotics course. Students are trained in hardware and programs which are known for their simple and accessible user experiences. Thus, making it easier for children to get started with programming and its range can be extended to what kids can learn and create. They are taught both digital & analog sensors. Each teacher is subjected to professional training through various workshops from time to time by our in-house robotics experts. Pretty soon we intend to deliver the same to outside students through special workshops.