To nurture the leaders of tomorrow, ORCHIDS The International School has introduced a new philosophy of ‘SHARPER’ with an aim to achieve all round excellence, which can help us in bringing out the highest of potentials, making each child self-sufficient and prepared for life.

It is time to integrate the area of change, with a sharper and faster mechanism that focuses on every little detail in a school’s environment that we tend to miss out.



“Self-discipline is the key ingredient to success”

Our philosophy of ‘SHARPER’ for a perfect curriculum begins with understanding the academic mindset. ORCHIDS aims at making students independent of monitored discipline. They need to learn to take responsibilities for themselves. This allows a child to gain a perception of himself/herself. The child can then check his own progress and begin to work on himself.

Sharper makes a student self-sufficient and composed in his ways. It helps him learn to deal with basic stress and monotonous routines. Children who are able to build self-control are happier and less stressed. Through these little details, we encourage a child's belief in the value of education.

  • Student Motivation Programmes

  • Monitored Innovative Assemblies

  • Guest Lectures

  • Special Skill Workshops

  • A spectrum of competition opportunities

  • School Management Software

  • Student Council

  • Various Internal & External Assessments/ Competitions

Various Internal & External Assessments/ Competitions help build a child’s persona, polishing his learning skills as well as life skills.



65% of the jobs would be non-existent by 2035 ( Most of the jobs will be automated or evolve into something else.

The need of the hour is to teach students life skills so that they can adapt themselves to the changing times which makes them capable enough to face the world after school. Which is why this philosophy of SHARPER will be the required change in the curriculum of every school, observing the pace with which our generation is moving forward.

SHARPER is our teaching philosophy, our very own academic theory. It addresses academics, extracurricular activities, digitalization, life skills, and values, and also takes into consideration the subjective requirements of every child, enabling them to achieve success beyond classrooms.

A 360-degree development theory for a sharper and brighter future.