Sharper Special Activities

SHARPER is the sole foundation of our academics as well as extra-curricular activities. While we are engraving the concepts of Self-Discipline, Hard work, Academic Rigor, Exposure, Research, Physical Fitness and Reflective Thinking in our entire curriculum, and as a part of Applied Sciences, we are continuously extending our ties in order to come with the latest method of creative teaching.

Adhering to this theory, we have introduced Special activities as follows:

Robotics :
We have continuously witnessed that advancement in technology makes a number of professions obsolete. Hence, at Orchids, we have introduced ‘ROBOTICS’ as a part of the curriculum, to equip our students with the skills required for future employment.

We intend to keep our students updated with the most recent technological advancements rather than traditional and outdated teaching methods. Robotics is a fun and effective way to introduce kids to programming and attract their interests towards the science of technology.

The Robotics curriculum has been meticulously designed to allow our young geniuses to extensively explore the world of technology and robotics.

Robotics is included in the curriculum for Grade I to IX, with separate books for each group, 80% practical and 20% theoretical. Students are trained in hardware and programs like S4A (Scratch for Arduino) which are known for their simple and accessible user experiences, making it easier for children to get started with programming and its range can be extended to what kids can learn and create.We have specially trained teachers to guide them through robotics.

Robotics Kits:
We have PUZZLE CIRCUITS designed for grades 1 to 5, which allows the students to understand circuits using puzzles, when arranged properly it gives an insight to the live working of a circuit.

Science Kits :
Our advanced classrooms and teaching curriculum are now complemented with our very own Science Kits, created by our In-house team of creative designers. These kits are a smart way of learning, making our students love learning even more. Where students are usually afraid of getting into science, this kit helps the teachers ignite the interests of the students in even the most typical of topics.

Math Kit:
Math Kits are created with a similar intent to make Math easy and fun learning. The kits are subjective to different subjects and topics, which brings other exciting elements for the kids. These are equipped with everything necessary for that particular topic to be taught.

EVS Kit:
Environmental Science Kits are specially designed for students to grasp the concepts of Social Sciences and Social Relations in a more practical way. These kits are a chance for the students to dive into the exciting facts and the subject of Social Sciences through creative teaching tools.