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Special Education (Inclusive Philosophy)


Life isn’t always as we plan it. But we must never stop working for a better one. We empathize with the real-life cases of our students studying in special schools in Pune and stand by their side providing similar educational opportunities for them. We welcome acid victims, physically challenged children, and other special kids and provide them with all the resources and opportunities.


We follow the INCLUSIVE Philosophy which intends to incorporate a sense of belongingness and togetherness in our ORCHIDS family. As a part of this philosophy, we make sure every child is attended to and guided in the right direction. Our psychologists, counselors, and teachers are adamant about providing appropriate help. School is the second home of a child. It is extremely important for a child to be comfortable and open with his/her thoughts. This philosophy plays an equal role in building up their character. Every child is equal and special to ORCHIDS.