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A Self-Defence everyone should know!

Looking for a personality-building activity that builds strength, flexibility, and coordination while imparting valuable life-saving skills?

The Taekwondo program at Orchids The International School is designed to impart a valuable skillset that empowers students with self-defense, discipline, and confidence. Our certified instructors ensure a  safe and supportive environment where students learn at their own pace and progress at their own level.

Why is Taekwondo an essential art form?

  • Self-Discipline and Confidence:  Taekwondo instils in children self-discipline and unwavering confidence through regular practice. The discipline they learn on the mat will positively impact every aspect of their life.
  • Strength, Flexibility, and Coordination: Taekwondo builds strength, flexibility, and coordination, making them resistant to common injuries. Kick-start your child’s journey to physical prowess and Witness their transformation into a powerhouse of agility and grace.
  • Self-Defence Skills: Taekwondo provides practical self-defence techniques that empower them to avoid or escape an unwanted situation.
  • Goal setting and achievement: Taekwondo instils perseverance, focus, and determination in students. It helps them develop the right mindset, set ambitious goals, and experience the sheer satisfaction of turning those goals into a joyous achievement.
  • Be a part of Victorious Family: At Orchids, we take pride in our commitment to the exhilaration and discipline that Taekwondo offers. We believe in effective teaching methods that cater to students of all ages and skill levels. Our classes are tailored to provide personalized attention and guidance to each individual. We have a spacious training area dedicated to imparting the art of Taekwondo and promoting overall wellness. Our skilled instructors and committed coaches maintain the highest standards in Taekwondo training. At Orchids, safety is our top priority, and we provide appropriate protective gear to ensure the comfort and security of all participants. We aim to cultivate lasting friendships among our students through the discipline and excitement of Taekwondo. Join the Orchids family and watch your child thrive in the world of Taekwondo. Let them experience the transformative power of martial arts while cultivating lifelong skills.