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10 Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids

10 Best Extracurricular Activities for Kids


Every parent knows the role of school in their child’s growth, but they must learn that a child’s growth does not stop there; hence, for their overall development, they must enroll their child in some extracurricular activities. These activities provide a great way to improve your child’s development. They offer an opportunity to learn new skills and build self-esteem. Participating in these activities will also change the prospects for students to know their social structure in a better way. Listed here are some of the Extracurricular activities for Kids in which you can enrol your little-one after school 

List of Extracurricular Activities

Sports Activities:

The sports activities enable the all-round development of children. The extracurricular activities for kids are usually designed to impart discipline and instill team spirits among the youngsters. There is a large number of sports activities available, like swimming, baseball, basketball, badminton and a lot more. Enrolling your child in any sports activity will also help you in teaching the important skills that are needed for becoming a successful person.

Dance Activity:

Dance is one of the important extracurricular activities for kids that teaches your child about their culture. It also plays an important role in the physical and mental development of your child. It also teaches them about discipline and endurance. There are so many styles of dances to choose from, such as contemporary, hip-hop, classical, western, or lyrical dance styles. Dance is one of the most engaging activities that offer much-needed exercise and focus for today’s kids. 

Sketching and Painting:

If you want to improve your child’s creative skills, then sketching and painting activity is only for you. By enrolling your child in this activity, your child will begin to develop the areas that are associated with their creativity. It also helps your young one in improving their problem-solving skills. It is one of the most interesting extracurricular activities for kids and the most entertaining way of improving your child’s performance. 


It is another important extracurricular activity for toddlers that will help them in knowing about their culture while playing a musical instrument or singing.  There are so many instruments available to choose from, that fits your child’s needs and help  them enjoy a lot

Kids playing musical instruments

Martial Arts:

Martial Arts activities like Judo, Karate, and Taekwondo play an important role in inculcating self-defense and self-control among your teenager. These extracurricular activities for child support will also teach your child about self-discipline. It will also help them in improving their social skills and their overall physical development. 

Cooking Activity:

Cooking activity is another important extracurricular activity for Kids that you can think of enrolling your child in. Participating in this activity will help your child in becoming self-reliant and independent. It also helps the children in developing their fine motor skills. It is another area of expressing your child’s creativity.  There are many benefits to cooking activity as it will also teach your child about preparing some healthy meals. 

Chess Activity:

It is one of the great extracurricular activities that are designed for kids. There is a lot of benefit of admitting your child in chess activity like it teaches them to bear patience, designing a strategy, and about timing. 

a kid playing chess


It is one of the highly organized and the most coordinated activities that help your little one in gaining their physical and mental strength. It also plays an important role in boosting your child’s cognitive skills. 

Learning Foreign Language:

Learning a new language will help you to broaden your child’s mind. Mastering a foreign language will also help your kids in developing their analytical skills. By enrolling your child in a language learning program, you are giving them the opportunity to learn about different cultures and rituals of different countries. 

Drama Club:

Drama Club provides a funny and most productive way of expressing your child’s artistic talent. It will also help your child in improving their physical, social, and artistic, and public speaking skills. It will also help your child in improving their improvisation skills.  If your child is shy in nature, then a drama club activity will provide them a platform for becoming more confident and social. 

There are various benefits of enrolling your child in Extracurricular Activities; let’s discuss those benefits.


Teach them about Time-management

Participating in an extracurricular activity will teach your child about how to manage their time and prioritize various tasks. They will also learn about planning and organizing their own schedules.  

Stress release

This activity provides them a stress-free environment and makes them relax from their daily schedule. 

Helps in building confidence

Gaining knowledge about new skills is one of the most excellent ways of building self-confidence. These activities provide your child with an opportunity to learn social skills like cooperation and conflict resolution. While doing these things, they will be able to communicate better with others, and they start thinking on their own. 

Improves leadership skills

Making your child participating in several extracurricular activities will also help them in developing their leadership skills. 

Make them physically fit. 

Children who participate in outdoor activities tend to develop those habits that make them physically fit. 

Listed above are some of the extracurricular activities for Kids that will help your child in their overall growth and development. Parents must learn that sending their children to school is not enough for their overall development. They must encourage their child to participate in several extracurricular activities that help them in making them physically, mentally, and socially strong. 

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