These three books will dramatically improve your child’s English Speaking And Reading Skills

Reading can be the fastest way to increasing your English vocabulary.

But you know this – we don’t need to tell you what you’ve already heard again. This article is not about stories or benefits of reading

On the other hand this article is a list of the best five books that you can offer your child.

You see reading when developed at an early age is the critical mass that will help your child become a better orator…better listener and better writer.

If you’re wondering “ How do I get my children interested in reading?”

Here are two things that you can do;

1 – Begin reading to them – When you begin reading to them – they get intrigued by the story and end up wanting to know more – so you subtly arouse their curiosity by telling them that on one night you can’t read to them – leave them at a cliffrock moment – they’ll have to pick up them book themselves and read

2 – Get them to read one page a day – Anybody can read one page a day. This should be the mindset that you inculcate in them. Reward them in some way – if they keep this habit consistently.Pretty soon their only reward would be to ask you for more books

The world values brain over brawn and these three books that we are about to recommend will help you equip your child with the brains need to win over their competition with the help off…..


These three literary classics will help your child dramatically improve their spoken and written English

1 – The Secret Seven By Enid Blyton

The secret seven follows the story of seven child detectives who meet up each summer and end up getting involved in investigations. From murders to disappearances – these child detectives set out to solve  the seemingly unsolvable – putting them in harm’s way – but through the smart use of strategy , optimism and teamwork – they manage to put themselves out of harm’s way each time

2 – The Famous Five By Enid Blyton

The Famous five is another addition to Enid Blyton’s series of child detectives. You’ll notice these kids go in search of cases to solve each summer. It’s quite similar to the secret seven -but the only difference is that the reading level of famous five is easier to digest for children than the secret seven.

3 – Harry Potter – By J.K Rowling

The Harry Potter series follows a character named Harry who enters the wizard world as an outsider and pretty soon discover new friends – new adventures and love in this strange world. The story is a metaphor for your child’s time in school. Make them watch the movies first and then introduce the books to them. This way you’ll be giving them a double dose of the story. They’ll soon want to read all the books – because once you enter the world of Harry Potter – there in no turning Back


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