Three fun games to teach your preschooler new English Words using These three Free Activity Worksheets


Your Preschooler’s mind is fresh and young. A preschoolers brain is like a sponge that absorbs any information that excites all it’s sensors


Using this trick – we can begin introducing brand new English words into your child’s mind – by using a mix of visual imagery and match the following exercises

Teach Your Pre-Schooler New Words Using These Three Fun Activity Exercises


1 – The Warm Up

We’ve picked out 12 new words. But just teaching them these words are boring. We need to add an extra element to make this exercise engaging – so we’ve divided these words as opposites.


For example if one new word is open – the other new word is close


Show them the picture and then read out the word to them. Get them to repeat each word with you – so they get an idea of how the word is pronounced.


Once you’ve finished this exercise – your children’s minds are warmed up – now we up the difficulty a notch – so we move onto the next exercise called…


2 – The Match The Opposites Exercise


Now we start having fun. Give your child a pencil and ask them to match each word with it’s opposite. The words in this exercise are the exact same words you used in the warm up exercise.


Do the first exercise with them.


Say to them “ What’s the opposite of Open.”


Your child asks you what the opposite is.


You then say “ The opposite of Open Is Close” – and you physically help them match open with close.


Do this for a few words and then start slowly handing the wheels of the exercise to them


3 – The Observe The Picture And Fill In The Blank Exercise

This is what a typical worksheet looks like. There is a picture with a number of elements to it.


In the picture you’ll notice there is a table and there is a cat under the table.


So the first question  is ,


“ A cat is ( Blank ) the table”


The answer to the question is,


“ A cat is under the table”


So the new words your child learns are – Cat and Table


Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Worksheet 3

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