Two Exercises To Unlock The Storyteller Within Your Child Helping Them Access Their Inner Creative Genius

Children are natural born storytellers


Just ask them about their day – and watch how  many stories are waiting to be told.


The benefit of being a storyteller – is that your English – improves alot when you start translating this model of storytelling into the written word


The best way to use this talent your child has to promote creativity from within is to offer them fun filled exercises that will help them hone this skill into the written word using….


Two Exercises That Unlock The Storyteller Within Your Child Helping Them Access Their Inner Creative Genius


1 – The Tell Me About Your Favourite Day Exercise


This exercise involves getting your children to verbally narrate – their most favourite day to you.


Whie they are narrating their favourite day – ask them questions about what they are saying to you.


So if they say – “ In school we learnt about the different colours on the rainbow – then Raju my friend said xyz”


You say “ Really – tell me about these rainbow colours – I’d really like to know more about it”


Be engaging – ask them questions – let them feel you are genuinely interested in what they have to say.


Perform this exercise once a week – set aside a few minutes from your busy schedule to just sit and listen to what your child has to say.


2 – The write 5 things about your favourite food exercise


This exercise is pretty simple.


You pull out a sheet of paper – write the below question right at the top.


“ Tell me 5 things you love about food/sports/tv/cartoons?”


Give them about 20 minutes to write out their thoughts and then read it.


You’ll get a good idea about where your child is in the storytelling funnel – if they’ve written down detailed description means they are pretty good at storytelling – but if you see one word answers – this means you need to change the topic and ask them about things they are truly passionate about.


Use these exercises as a bonding tool with your children – and watch how they soon start becoming wonderful storytellers.


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