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We are an International school with branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. Our teaching methodology revolves around helping your child discover their innate potential to excel in academics.

Your children deserve the best infrastructure in their journey towards becoming the best version of themselves. Our international school have some of the best facilities that include:

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At Orchids The International School, we believe Pre-Primary education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses. Our infrastructure and our unique teaching methodology allows us to help children to develop their senses with interactive puzzles, group exercises and object manipulation supplemented with standard checks and basic tests to ensure progress. Salient Features of our Pre-Primary curriculum (Pre Nursery, Nursery ,K1 and K2 program) :

  • Creating a sense of inquisitiveness in your child by encouraging them to explore, ask questions and draw logical conclusions.
  • Introduction of very basic mathematical exercises in a simple and tangible manner with gradual progression. The focus is on problem solving.
  • Comprehension is an integral part of our pre-primary education and serves best to develop language skills. This also develops a habit to read and speak within your child.
  • A variety of indoor and outdoor games helps foster development of motor skills, stamina, balance, rhythm, strength, agility and concentration.
  • Field trips to post offices, fire stations, aquariums etc. add to your child’s real world learning experience.

Primary (Class I - V)

In Middle School, along with the core subjects students are provided an option of choosing second language and one activity related vocation like art, drama, music,. Some of the various aspects associated with our middle school curriculum include:

  • English Curriculum: The curriculum is expanded and developed for students to understand different varieties of prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction texts. Students are encouraged to read a wide variety of books to expand their horizon. A full fledged School Library with over 10,000 titles helps in inculcating the reading habit.
  • ICT: Role of ICT in this age of advanced communications and technology cannot be undermined. It is inter-woven into all subjects as it makes understanding of the related subject much easier and simpler. In addition to that there are clearly defined learning outcomes for Computers and their applications.
  • Physical Education: The school provides students with an array of indoor and outdoor games and activities. Each student is expected to select one indoor and one outdoor activity. On the other hand, art, music and drama have definite curriculum. Students can choose one of the activities.
  • Mathematics Curriculum: The curriculum has been developed to train the students in problem solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills. The teaching process itself helps the students to make connections to outside world and other subjects. Lots of students develop an aversion to mathematics for the way it's been taught traditionally. We believe that, through the use of models, labs and ICT a positive attitude can be developed towards the subject.

High School (Class VI - X)

Orchids tries to provide a perfect blend of ICSE /CBSE Syllabus taught using international curriculum frameworks of Cambridge Board. Till class 8, the teaching is as per the CBSE, but the methodology, the assessments, the teachers and the lesson plans are as per the norms of international boards. In class 8 students have an option of taking either the CBSE/ICSE Board or the Cambridge Board (!GCSE & A levels from ICE) depending on their future interests. Students interested for competitive exams in India can choose the CBSE/ICSE board, while those who wish to pursue further studies abroad can opt for the Cambridge board exams. In Class IX, all children undergo proper these steps, we help the child take concrete step towards their suitable career. At Orchids we can help students prepare for examinations like - Engineering, Law, CA-CPT, BBA and Hotel Management. We even partner with leading Institutes to ensure that students get the required support.

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